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Dean Judith Daar standing outside by NKU Chase sign

Welcome and thanks for your interest in learning more about Chase. Like you, I had an opportunity to study in detail the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University before I applied to become the dean. Since starting the deanship on July 1, 2019, I have gained a deep appreciation for our school’s storied history and outstanding reputation for delivering the highest quality legal education. I invite you to consider joining us as we write the next chapter of our wonderful journey that began over 125 years ago.

At Chase, we value each student’s unique abilities and needs. Beginning at orientation, our faculty works with small groups of students to introduce basic skills essential for law school success. Using studied assessment methods, our teaching experts tailor instruction in the first year and beyond to meet our learners’ needs and goals. We understand that law school can be challenging, so we work to lift every student to their full potential by providing a variety of tutorials, materials, teaching methods and mentors to assure student success.

We make sure our students experience the law at Chase. Whatever your background and aspiration for your legal career, Chase can prepare you to thrive in your chosen path. With a wide range of opportunities to observe and engage with judges, practitioners, lawmakers and entrepreneurs, Chase students graduate with real-world knowledge, ready to begin their careers with a high degree of skill. Whether you are interested in criminal justice, constitutional law, business and industry, technological advancement, environmental dilemmas, health care, social justice advocacy or myriad other aspects of contemporary life, you will find your community with us.   

Chase is named for a celebrated public servant who served in all three branches of the federal government during the Civil War period, while fiercely championing advancement of freedom and justice for all. This legacy inspires and propels us to strive for a better tomorrow through law. We welcome you to join and engage.

Please do reach out with any questions. My email is

Wishing you all the best,


Judith Daar
Ambassador Patricia L. Herbold Dean
Professor of Law