Welcome To Chase

At Salmon P. Chase College of Law, our history will help you shape your future. At Chase, you will be part of a 125-year tradition that emphasizes the core knowledge every lawyer must master, and also offers new experiences for becoming the type of lawyer you want to be:

• Courses in our Lunsford Academy for Law, Business + Technology provide training in business, informatics, and technology for practices that are evolving with a new economy.

• Clinics and experiential programs offer opportunities to work with lawyers and judges to develop practice skills before graduation.

• In the classroom, Chase professors challenge students intellectually, and care deeply about their success.

• Outside the classroom, student organizations provide opportunities to develop leadership skills and networking relationships, and students individually encourage one another in an atmosphere of collegial support.

This is an exciting time to be part of Chase College of Law. Chase is celebrating its 125th anniversary as The Lawyer’s School, with a tradition of practice-ready graduates who have been, and are, leaders in the profession.

Your future is waiting for you at Chase. We invite you to embrace it.     

Co-Acting Dean Lawrence Rosenthal
Co-Acting Dean
Lawrence Rosenthal
Co-Acting Dean Michael Whiteman
Co-Acting Dean
Michael Whiteman