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Master of Legal Studies

What is an MLS Degree?

The Master of Legal Studies (M.L.S.) is a degree program designed for individuals interested in developing a better understanding of the law as it affects their careers involving legal or regulatory issues. Students may complete this 30-credit-hour program in 2-3 years part-time (day or evening) or in 1 year full-time.

a legal education to advance your career


Students in the Master of Legal Studies program complete 30 credit-hours of courses, with more than half of the credits in courses they select to support career goals.

Master of Legal Studies students attend classes with Juris Doctor students, but are graded according to the Northern Kentucky University graduate-student grading scale.

Credits for this MLS degree are earned primarily in face-to-face, in-person classes held at Chase College of Law. There are a limited number of online classes offered at Chase that can be taken for credit toward the MLS, but the degree is earned primarily in on-campus classes.

Is the MLS for me?

Business/Marketing Insurance; Contracts Specialists and Analysts; Business Consultants; Management Consultants; Economists; Marketers and Advertising Representatives; Market Research Analysts; Executives; Communications Consultants; Office Managers; Corporate Compliance Managers; Forensics Consultants; Public Relations Specialists; Government Relations Specialists; Realtors and Real Estate Agents
Media/Publishing Media Consultants; Researchers and Research Analysts; Editors; Writers; Journalists and Reporters; Reference Librarians
Criminal Justice Legal Investigators; Law Enforcement Officials
Intellectual Property (IP) Patent Agents; IP Consultants; Sports & Entertainment Agents; Engineers; Scientists
Labor and Employment Labor Relations Managers; Human Resource (HR) Managers; HR Generalists
General Legal Services
Paralegals; Legal Assistants/Specialists; Law Clerks; Legal Litigation Analysts