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Dean Daar with students


Spring transfer application deadline: December 1
Summer transfer application deadline: April 1
Fall transfer application deadline: July 1

If you are currently attending another law school, you may be eligible to transfer to NKU Chase. You must have completed two semesters of coursework to be eligible.


If you are currently attending another law school and wish to attend classes at NKU Chase for a semester, you must complete the following:

  1. NKU Chase College of Law Application
    • Form & Fee:  You must mail the application and $40 application fee to the NKU Chase Registrar.  
    • Visiting Statement: A visiting statement is required. The visiting statement must address why you wish to take classes at NKU Chase.
  2. Letter of Good Standing and Permission: You must send a letter of good standing from the dean of your law school stating that you are eligible to continue the study of law at that school and that you have permission to attend NKU Chase as a visiting student.