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Juris Doctor Degree

Elisha Ononye

“The Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area is one of the best locations in the country for a law school. There are courts, agencies and law firms of varying sizes and practice areas within 20 minutes of Chase where students can gain practical experiences. For free time, there are movie theaters, restaurants and major league sports and entertainment within just a few miles of Chase.”

– Elisha Ononye, Class of 2022 

Jessica Hannika

“The quality of instruction by amazing professors, paired with relatively low tuition and availability of numerous scholarships, makes a Chase education a great value, with a possibility of graduating without being bogged down by excessive student loan debt.”

– Jessica Hannika, Class of 2023

Logan Woolums

 “The Chase trial team has given me an opportunity to apply what I’ve learned in class in a courtroom setting in competition against students from other law schools. I have learned so much about litigation by being partnered with the local lawyers who coach the team to prepare for competitions.”

– Logan Woolums, Class of 2022

Jonathan Howser

“The guidance of professors and resources of the career office have been invaluable in my journey. I have secured internships that have shown me the power of the law. With the reasoning and critical thinking skills professors have helped me develop, I know I will be able to accomplish great things for my future clients.”

– Jonathan Howser, Class of 2022



Whether you want to become a trial lawyer, advise business executives, consult with nonprofits, or utilize your law degree in the media, government relations, or any of hundreds of other ways it can advance a career, we offer multiple ways to get there.

  • The full-time program typically meets five days a week and you can complete your degree in three years.
  • The part-time day program meets three days and you can complete your degree in four years
  • The Chase evening program meets two nights per week and you can complete your degree in four years.



Graduation requirements

All students must:

  • Complete 90 earned credit-hours                 
  • Thirty pro bono hours
  • Advanced Writing Requirement - Research
  • Advanced Writing Requirement - Drafting
  • Six credit-hours of experiential courses


The Part-Time Day Program is designed for those who work evenings, are stay-at-home parents, or have other commitments that prevent study in the evening. Students in the day program will take classes with the full-time division students.

  • Classes typically meet three days per week, although students are occasionally required to attend events on other days.
  • Classes will typically be scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
  • Students take four to five years to complete their degree, depending on whether they enroll in summer courses.
  • Summer courses are optional.

All students have the same opportunities to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, including involvement in the school's centers & institutes, law review, competition teams, and externship and clinical programs.

All students must also complete upper-level writing requirements, a pro-bono service requirement, and a skills requirement.