Juris Doctor Degree

Andrea Sager

What I tell my friends about Chase

“I tell friends how supportive the professors and faculty are. Everyone has an open door, and they make success a true possibility.” 

- Andrea Sager, '17

Chuck Rust

My best Chase experience

“My time as a member of the arbitration team was undoubtedly my best experience at Chase. Not only was I fortunate enough to work with several brilliant colleagues, I was also afforded the opportunity to develop practical skills that will serve me throughout my career.”

− Chuck Rust, ’17

Claire Estell


“You are sitting next to a mom, next to a former businessman, next to a real estate agent. These different experiences really add to the knowledge that I got out of being in class. Professors noticed our interests are different, and it created a fuller classroom discussion.”

- Claire Estell, '17



Whether you want to become a trial lawyer, advise business executives, consult with nonprofits, or utilize your law degree in the media, government relations, or any of hundreds of other ways it can advance a career, we offer multiple ways to get there.

  • The full-time program typically meets five days a week and you can complete your degree in three years.
  • The part-time day program meets three days and you can complete your degree in four years
  • The Chase evening program meets two nights per week and you can complete your degree in four years.



Graduation requirements

All students must:

  • Complete 90 earned credit-hours                 
  • Fifty pro bono hours
  • Advanced Writing Requirement - Research
  • Advanced Writing Requirement - Drafting
  • Six credit-hours of experiential courses


The Part-Time Day Program is designed for those who work evenings, are stay-at-home parents, or have other commitments that prevent study in the evening. Students in the day program will take classes with the full-time division students.

  • Classes typically meet three days per week, although students are occasionally required to attend events on other days.
  • Classes will typically be scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
  • Students take four to five years to complete their degree, depending on whether they enroll in summer courses.
  • Summer courses are optional.

All students have the same opportunities to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, including involvement in the school's centers & institutes, law review, competition teams, and externship and clinical programs.

All students must also complete upper-level writing requirements, a pro-bono service requirement, and a skills requirement.