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The use of technology is an important part of law school. Here is what you need to know to be able to use it effectively at Chase.

NKU Minimum Specifications

Mobile Hotspots (limited availability)

Microsoft Office
Students, faculty and staff can download the entire Office 365 suite for free. Sign into webmail at, click the nine dots at the top left of the page, then click "Office 365 ->" \ (It might say "All Apps" instead) and the next page will have a link to download Office 365. Link to source:

Recommended Computer Brands
ASUS and Lenovo are recommended. There are discounts available to faculty, staff, and students through Dell, another highly trusted brand. The specifications website includes links to Dell's storefront:

Optimizing Wi-Fi
Contact your internet service provider for Wi-Fi issues. However, one thing you can do on your own that may make a difference is to buy your own router and modem. Those provided by the ISP are usually relatively subpar.

Windows 10/11

The most important characteristic of a PC is that it is running a current, fully updated version of Windows 10/11. If cost is a factor, refurbished 2020 models are often available, and have perfectly serviceable equipment for running applications at Chase. Amazon offers refurbished models, as does Newegg. Windows 10/11 also comes with Windows Defender, which will adequately serve most antivirus needs.

Cellphone Apps as Backup for PC Failure
Zoom has an app for smartphones that works very well. For courses using Canvas, there is also a Canvas app.

IT Support
NKU IT: Chase IT Support Specialist Trent McPheron: