Attending law school is a decision to commit time and resources toward a career. Chase understands that even with the region’s lowest in-state tuition and one of the lowest out-of-state tuitions, some students will need financial assistance. Chase is committed to assisting students who are likely to excel in studies to become a lawyer or who will contribute to the diversity of the profession. 


Tuition & Cost of Attendance

To help students plan budgets to attend Chase, the Northern Kentucky University Office of Student Financial Assistance provides these tables that include tuition, fees, and other expenses determined by the university, but not parking fees, and an estimate of primary living expenses students might encounter.

Information about determination of Kentucky residency is available here


Chase values diversity in its student body and the practice of law

As a college of Northern Kentucky University and an American Bar Association-approved law school, Chase shares and supports a universal commitment to educating a diverse student body that ultimately will contribute to the diversity of the legal profession and leadership in society. It does this by seeking and welcoming students of diverse ethnic, racial, cultural, economic, and lifestyle backgrounds, and providing support through both comprehensive and identity-related programs and activities. The Chase faculty and staff also reflect the diversity of individuals throughout higher education, the legal profession, and society.