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Brandi McGinnis

“Chase professors are incredibly talented and accomplished lawyers, and passionate educators who understand the value of mentoring students. Because of this, students gain knowledge of substantive material and a skillset that goes beyond the classroom and into practice.” 

- Brandi McGinnis, 3L

Jordan Olinger

“I have had unique opportunities for networking and career development at Chase and in the college’s W. Bruce Lunsford Academy for Law, Business + Technology. I have also had opportunities professors provide outside of classroom hours to help students understand the material.”

- Jordan Olinger, 3L

Jonathan Ball

“The professors are personally invested in my life, and I’ve met my closest friends because of this school. My classmates and I want to make an impact in our communities, and the professors at Chase are doing everything they can to help us reach that goal.”

- Jonathan Ball, 3L

Al'Lisha Hanserd

“Chase is the right school for me because my experience here has helped me grow in ways I could have never imagined. My professors have gone above and beyond to ensure that I know the material and that I can apply it to the real world.”

- Al'Lisha Hanserd, '20



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