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Daniel Elmlinger

“Professors bring real-world experiences to classrooms, which helps students understand both the legal theory and the practical application of the theory. Every professor’s enthusiasm for students’ success empowers students to ask questions and receive answers, which sharpens critical thinking and analytical skills.”

– Daniel Elmlinger, Class of 2023

Chris Meyer

“Having an interest in law and a degree in bioengineering, I wondered what a merger of the two might look like. The W. Bruce Lunsford Academy for Law, Business + Technology at Chase has shed enormous light for me on the interdisciplinary nature of being a modern lawyer. Through the academy, I have opportunities to meet pioneers in these realms who sharpen my skills, stoke my curiosity and orient me to exciting horizons.” 

– Chris Meyer, Class of 2024

Jasmyne Shaw

“Student organizations provide opportunities to develop leadership skills by planning and leading networking, informational and social events. Programs on substantive legal issues complement classroom lessons and allow students to speak with and network with alumni and others from the legal community.”

– Jasmyne Shaw, Class of 2022

Carla Saldivar

“Working with the Kentucky Innocence Project at Chase has taught me to be an advocate. While reviewing a client’s file, you may find ‘good’ facts and you may find ‘bad’ facts, but knowing that your client is counting on you to investigate and to tell his or her story pushes you to be a loyal and zealous advocate.”

– Carla Saldivar, Class of 2022



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