Children’s Law Center Clinic

Clinic students participate in preparing and presenting cases involving children and teenagers, such as education rights, delinquency, custody, and access to social services. Students can develop skills – including interviewing, investigating, negotiating, and litigating – that apply to many adversarial situations in addition to children’s law.

Constitutional Litigation Clinic

Clinic students represent prisoners and former offenders in Ohio and federal courts on claims that their civil rights were violated by abuse or other means while incarcerated. Students handle all aspects of a case, beginning with client interviews and continuing, with a limited law license, through trial and appeal.

Kentucky Innocence Project

Students assist the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy by investigating credible claims of inmates that they were erroneously convicted of a crime they did not commit. Students interview prisoners and witnesses, examine alleged crime scenes, locate and analyze possible evidence, and prepare relevant documents. Skills students develop can apply in criminal law or civil practices.

Small Business & Nonprofit Law Clinic

Clinic students provide operations-related legal services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits. These typically involve such matters as advising on the formation of a business, drafting contracts and other documents, writing or reviewing bylaws, and analyzing regulatory issues.