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Table of Contents  

A.     Graduation Requirements and Learning Outcomes – Pg 1

B.     Required Courses – Pg 2

C.     Elective Courses and the Calculation of Credit Hours – Pg 3              

D.     Advanced Writing Requirements and Skills Training – Pg 4

E.     Primary Authority of the Professor – Pg 7

F.     Syllabus – Pg 8

G.     Student Evaluation of Faculty – Pg 9             

H.     Class Attendance Policy – Pg 10             

I.      Rescheduling of Classes / Make-Up Classes – Pg 11             

J.      Auditing a Course – Pg 12

K.    Transient Study, Visiting at Other Law Schools, and Study Abroad – Pg 13

L.      Courses Outside of Law School – Pg 14

M.    Distance Learning Policy – Pg 17

N.     Dropping Sequenced Required Courses – Pg 18

O.     Dropping Non-Sequenced Required Courses, Core Courses, and Electives – Pg 19

P.     Adding a Course  – Pg 20

Q.     Changing Course Sections – Pg 21

R.     Withdrawing from Courses  – Pg 22

S.      Course Loads – Pg 23

T.      Limit on Non-Classroom Hours – Pg 24

U.     Review of Graded Examinations – Pg 25

V.     Recommended Grade Distribution Policy – Pg 26

W.    Grades – Pg 27

X.     Grading Policies for Basic Legal Skills I and II – Pg 30

Y.     Anonymous Grading – Pg 31

Z.     Clinics, Field Placements, and Non-Classroom Hours – Pg 32

AA.   Dean’s List – Pg 37

BB.   Honors Designations – Pg 38

CC.   Class Rank – Pg 39

DD.   Required Grades and Re-taking Courses – Pg 40

EE.    Recording of Grades for Required Courses with Minimum Grade Requirements – Pg 41

FF.   Credit-Hours for Courses in Which a Failing Grade is Earned / Failing a Pass/Fail Course – Pg 42

GG.   Re-taking Courses – In General – Pg 43

HH.   Academic Standing Policies – Pg 44

II.    Joint JD/MBI Degree Program – Pg 54

JJ.    Joint JD/MHI Degree Program – Pg 57

KK.   Joint JD/MBA Degree Program – Pg 61

LL.    Course Selection in Law School – Pg 63  

MM.  Course Selection – Pg 70

NN.   Concentrations and Certificate Programs – Pg 83

OO.   Grade Appeal Policy and Procedure – Pg 91

Appendix A – Pg 102




Table of Contents

A.  Purpose and Scope of the Student Handbook – Pg 1

B.  General Information – Pg 2

  • Northern Kentucky University Rules and Policies
  • NKU Chase College of Law Computing Resources
  • Security in Nunn Hall and on NKU Campus
  • NKU Chase Law Library Security
  • NKU Severe Weather Policy
  • NKU Emergency Contact System – Norse Alert
  • NKU Student Services

C.  College of Law Communications – Pg 7

  • NKU Chase College of Law E-Mail
  • Confidential and Personal Communication
  • Chase Postings
  • Other Communications
    • Telephone Calls
    • Student Directory Information
    • Chase Calendar                 

D.  Tuition and Fees; Financial Aid; Refunds; Scholarship Policy – Pg 10

  • Refund of Tuition
    • In the Context of Dropping a Course
    • In the Context of Academic Standing Actions
    • In the Context of Withdrawal from the College of Law
  • Course Cancellation For Non-Payment Of Tuition
  • Scholarship Policy
    • Incoming Student Scholarships
    • Summer Sessions
    • Change in Residency Status
    • Division Transfer Requests and Leaves of Absence
    • Increase or Decrease in Credit Hours
    • Full-tuition Awards
    • Early Graduation
    • Classes Taken at another Educational Institution
    • Revocation of Scholarship
    • Academic Standards Required to Maintain Merit Scholarship Award
    • Academic Dismissal
    • Modification of the Scholarship Policy

E.  Employment during Law School - Pg 15              

F.  Character and Fitness to Practice Law; Amending College of Law Application; Qualifications for Admission to the Bar – Pg 16

  • Disclosure of Character and Fitness Matters Required
    • Continuing Obligation to Disclose
  • Petition to Amend Law School Application
  • Character, Fitness, and Other Qualifications for Admission to the Bar

G.  Full-Time and Part-Time Divisions – Pg 19

  • Transferring Between Divisions

H.  Examinations – Pg 20

  • Scheduling of Final Examinations
  • Design of Final Examinations
  • Taking Final Exams on Laptop Computers/Examsoft
  • Midterm Examinations, Tests, Quizzes, and Assignments
  • Make-Up Final Examinations
    • Emergency Situations
    • Conflict Situations

I.  Withdrawal from the College of Law – Pg 24

  • Withdrawal from the College of Law
  • Resuming Law Study after Withdrawal from the College of Law                                                

J.  Student ABA Complaint Process – Pg 25

  • Submitting Complaint
  • Process after Written Complaint Submitted

Honor Code and Plagiarism Policy (pdf)


I.     Preamble

II.    Definitions

III.   NKU Chase Student Honor Code:  Academic Integrity

  • Preamble and Honor Code Pledge
  • Academic Dishonesty
  • Research Misconduct
  • Ethical Violations

IV.    Consequences for Academic Dishonesty, Research Misconduct, or Ethical Violations

V.     Procedures for Handling Alleged Violations of the Honor Code

VI.    Formal Proceedings

VII.   Appeals

VIII.  Confidentiality