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The Northern Kentucky Law Review, founded in 1973, is an independent journal, edited and published entirely by the students of NKU Chase College of Law.

Current Issue

Volume 44, No. 2


The Convicted Child Sex Offender Nearby: Does Private Nuisance Provide A Remedy For Neighbors?
Henry L. Stephens, Jr. 
Full Text page 124

The New Dilemma For Civil Procedure (And Other Law School) Teachers
Jeffrey A. Parness
Full Text page 164


Aiding and Abetting in Torture: Can The Orchestrators of Torture Be Held Liable?
Cora Lee Allen 
Full Text page 174

Trumped by False Endorsement: Musicians Still Might Have Intellectual Property Rights to Prohibit Politicians From Using Their Songs Despite Copyright Licenses
Elizabeth Long 
Full Text page 199

How Tattoos Fit Within the Realm of Copyright Law: Do We Finally Have a Lawsuit That Will Provide Some Clarity?
Tyler Noonan 
Full Text page 239

(Don’t) Lie to Me: Can False Political Statement Laws Be Rehabilitated After the Sixth Circuit’s Susan B. Anthony List Ruling?
Clay Sabourin 
Full Text page 270