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Founded by Students

The Northern Kentucky Law Review, founded in 1973, is an independent journal, edited and published entirely by the students of NKU Chase College of Law.

Current Issue

Volume 48, No. 2


Drug Decriminalization, Addiction, and Mass Incarceration:  A Theories of Punishment Framework for Ending the "War on Drugs"
Leslie E. Scott
Full text, page 267

Geography and Reasonable Suspicion in Auto Stops
Wayne A. Logan
Full text, page 309

Classifying Alternative Approaches for Simple Drug Possession:  A Two-level Taxonomy
Alex Stevens, Caitlin Elizabeth Hughes, Shann Hulme, & Rebecca Cassidy
Full text, page 337


The Grass is Always Greener:  A Resolution of Conflicts Between Kentucky Workers' Compensation Statutes and the Inevitable Medical Marijuana Bill
Bennet Weaver
Full text, page 355

Correcting Injustices:  Expunging Prior Marijuana Convictions in Kentucky's Next Best Stop Towards Restorative Justice
Katherine Jaggers
Full text, page 385