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What We Are 
Bitcoins, blockchains, biometrics, patents, data breaches, IOT, AI, and GDPR - the world we interact with today is built on data as much as it is on bricks. But what are the rules of engagement in this world composed entirely of zeroes and ones? What are the rights of individuals and organizations? The Law + Informatics Institute, a center for cyber and  privacy law, focuses on educating and helping students address these questions and prepare for a practice in cyber or privacy law. Speakers ranging from privacy attorneys in prominent law firms to those advising The Kraft Heinz Corp., Kroger Co., and Buzzfeed on cyber and privacy matters will introduce the students to the various types of cyber and privacy practice and help them find their own futures and careers in cyber and privacy law. The program also includes the opportunity to participate in cyber and privacy law competitions and multiple courses in cybersecurity, data, and information privacy.
Who We Are 
Zach Briggs
Zach Briggs '14 leads the Chase Law + Informatics Institute, a center for cyber and privacy law at NKU Chase College of Law. He also serves as the Data Protection Officer, Privacy Officer, and Compliance Counsel for Paycor, a cloud-based human capital management software company based in Cincinnati. He has been with Paycor for 7 years and helped to both drive and support their growth from 400 employees nationally to 2,000 employees internationally across multiple legal entities. Zach created Paycor’s data privacy program and has guided its strategic evolution through numerous opportunities and challenges from the enactment of a HIPAA program for its self-funded health insurance plan to the implementation GDPR compliance across the organization. Zach is an active member of the local chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel, sitting on their board and running their programming committee. He is a graduate of Purdue University (B.S. Management) and NKU Chase College of Law (J.D.).
Jeannine Abukhater Lambert '11 is the Executive Director of Centers & Programming overseeing and administering the Law + Informatics Insititute as well as the W. Bruce Lunsford Academy for Law, Business + Technology and Center for Law & Entrepreneurship. She also manages all special events and conferences along with alumni relations and alumni programming at Chase College of Law. Jeannine is active with her local and national bar associations serving as co-chair of multiple committees. Jeannine has an interest in foreign languages and cultures having grown up in Jerusalem, Israel, studied in Aix-en-Provenc, France, and taught English in Busan, South Korea. She is a graduate of NKU Chase College of Law and the University of Kentucky (B.A. in History and minor in Islamic Studies).
What We're Doing
Skills Workshops: What You Need to Know

Ask Me Anything (AMA) 
Ask Me Anything (AMA) virtual sessions are designed to allow you the opportunity to ask any question you want from our speaker. Interested in her career path? Ask. Interested in his favorite book? Ask. Interested in their advice? Just ask. If you don’t have a question right away though, relax. We’ve got some questions to get us started. Oh, and we’ll be raffling off some items throughout the session! So join us and learn more about cybersecurity and privacy law careers. See you there! (Dates and times TBA)
Cyber and Data Privacy Courses 

Information and Corporations

This course will act as a survey of the various ways that information and law interact. In addition, this course will include a deeper dive into the universe of data management, its high-level principles, and how those can be applied in real-life situations. The ultimate goal of this course is to provide you with the necessary skills and understanding to competently respond to law and informatics issues, as well as implement and maintain a compliance regime at an organization impacted by these issues, including the contractual and regulatory issues that often arise for corporate attorneys or general practitioners.

Digital Privacy and Security

The exponential and infinite proliferation of big data raises both privacy and security issues, as the sensitive information of individuals, organizations, and governments are collected and stored online where it can be hacked or misused without authorization. This course will explore the developing, complex web of laws, national and international, that govern data privacy and cybersecurity. More specifically, it will examine the limitations of the existing legal framework and consider the policy implications of greater regulation of data collection over the Internet and the evolving Internet of Things.  

Information and Data Privacy

Information comes to us in the form of patents, copyrights, trademarks, databases, photographs, and information stored in our GPS tracker, our Google search, our cell phones, and our health records. This course examines current U.S. practice regarding the right of an individual to control one’s personal information in transactional settings such as health care, financial services, e-commerce and social media. The course will explore the history of U.S. privacy, the current development of privacy regulation and identify the next steps necessary for expansion of U.S. policy in this area.

Cyber and Privacy Law Competition

We plan on participating in a cyber and privacy law competition in the spring of 2022 and will share more details as those become available.