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Nunn Hall will undergo construction beginning in Fall 2023 to beautify our campus space. At the completion of construction, expected in Fall 2024, we will enjoy:

  • A renovated first floor with state-of-the-art study rooms, interview rooms, conferencing space and student conversation areas. 

  • Renovated restrooms on all five floors with additional all-gender restrooms added to our building. 

  • A brand-new 100-seat courtroom on the first floor, enhancing our students’ opportunities for training in advocacy and trial skills.


  • Spring 2024 Classes: All classes will be taught in campus buildings outside of Nunn Hall.

  • Student Organizations and Tabling: Students can continue to access Nunn Hall for student organizations and tabling activities until February 1, 2024. After February 1, 2024, tabling will move to the 2nd floor lobby just outside the Law Library. All other student organization activities will be moved out of Nunn Hall. We will work with the NKU Facilities Department to make spaces around campus available for our student events.

  • Student Lockers: Please make sure to empty all lockers in Nunn Hall by February 1, 2024 (3rd floor) or March 1, 2024 (4th floor). This will help us be prepared for the February 19, 2024 shutdown now scheduled.

    Lockers are available for the spring semester as follows:

    Campus Recreation Center (CRC): Full lockers are available to rent for $21.20 for the semester. Please visit the CRC or contact Kylie Graves, Membership Services Coordinator at

    Hermann Science Center: Full lockers are available to rent for $15 for the semester, half lockers are $10. Please contact Patty Kappesser at 

  • On-Campus Printing Locations: NKU's pay-for-print solution, Papercut, allows users to print documents from any networked printer on campus using any device connected to NKU’s Wi-Fi. When a user logs into Papercut, a list of available printers and locations will appear.

  • Printing Labs: Users can also use on-campus printing labs. A listing of on-campus printing labs is available here.
  • Building Abbreviations: Course classrooms are listed on student schedules in myNKU. A list of building abbreviations can be found here and on the campus map.

  • Griffin Hall Study Space: In Griffin Hall, there are eight opera boxes with doors surrounding the Digitorium available for student use. The rooms are first come, first served, but they are not reservable.

    The room numbers are:      
       GH 301
       GH 302
       GH 303
       GH 304
       GH 307
       GH 308
       GH 309
       GH 310

    There is also a student lounge located in GH 275 and many other quiet study areas located in Griffin. Please be advised that the spaces are not reservable and do not have doors.   




Construction will take place on each floor of Nunn Hall on a staggered basis. When a floor is under construction, there will be no access to that floor. Otherwise, the building and library will be available for use.

Please understand these dates and timeframes can change as the construction and renovation proceeds.

5TH 12/26/2023 March 2024
4TH 2/19/2024 April 2024
3RD 3/22/2024 June 2024
2ND 5/19/2024 September 2024



GH - Griffin Hall
FH - Founders Hall
NH - Nunn Hall


Faculty/Staff Office
John Bickers GH 524
Tan Boston GH 457
Michelle Browning- Coughlin GH 442 
Tony Chavez GH 526
Judith Daar GH 330A
Ursula Doyle FH 595 G
Rhonda Eutsey GH 566 
Ivory Faeth GH 468 
Jack Harrison GH 414
Robin Higgins GH 338 
Dennis Honabach NH 217 
Ken Katkin GH 551
Donald Kazee GH 573
Kathy Kelly GH 330 D
Kerry Klumpe NH 215 
Jeannine Lambert GH 473
Danielle Lewis GH 442 
Maria Llambi GH 434
David MacKnight GH 330 B
Austin Mahoney GH 433 
Michael Mannheimer GH 453 
Kathy Molique GH 431 
Lisa Moore GH 330 C
Toula Papakirk GH 330 
Chris Polito NH 216A 
Lawrence Rosenthal GH 432
Annie Rowswell NH 212 a
Paula Seta NH 213
Ashley Siemer GH 364
Jeff Standen GH 510
Jenny Young GH 330E
Marcy Ziegler GH 535