Research Links:

Congressional Budget Office
The Congressional Budget Office provides economic research data to Congress and compiles independent analyses of budgetary and economic issues.
Congressional Research Service Reports
The Congressional Research Service, a division of the Library of Congress, prepares high quality research reports for members of Congress. These reports were formerly only available via commercial services or contacting your Congressman. This website lists several avenues for locating CRS Reports.
Gallager Law Library
Congressional Research Service Reports
Federation of American Scientists
Congressional Research Service Reports
U.S Department of State
DocuTicker offers a hand-picked selection of resources, reports and publications from government agencies, NGOs, think tanks and other public interest organizations
Think Tanks & Policy Organizations
Regent University Library
Think Tanks Directory
Harvard Kennedy School, John F. Kennedy School of Government
Third Party Websites That Transform Government Data
OpenCongress Wiki
U.S. Government Accountability Office Reports & Testimony
The U. S. Government Accountability Office is an independent agency which works for Congress and is often referred to as the "congressional watchdog".