The Northern Kentucky Law Review

The Northern Kentucky Law Review Group Photo from 2015-2016
The following members are absent from this photo: Ryan Wheeler, Tyler Olson, Augustus Flottman, Elizabeth Long, Charles Rust, John Gray, Kate Patton, John Walton, and Jessica Powell.

Founded by Students

The Northern Kentucky Law Review, founded in 1973, is an independent journal, edited and published entirely by the students of NKU Chase College of Law.

Current Issue

Volume 42, No. 2


Courts in the Drone
Timothy M. Ravich
Full Text page 161

Reverse Sunshine in the Digital Wild Frontier: Protecting Individual Privacy Against Public Records Requests for Government Databases
Jennifer A. Brobst
Full Text page 191

The Changing Expectation of Privacy: Keeping Up with the Millennial Generation and Looking Toward the Future
Erin Corken
Full Text page 287

A World Information Order -- Privacy and Security in a Hyper-networked World of Data and Analysis
Michael Losavio, Youngjin Song, Joshua I. James, Andrew Marrington, K.P. Chow 
Full Text page 315

More Data Mining for Medical Misrepresentation? Admissibility of Statistical Proof Derived from Predictive Methods of Detecting Medical Reimbursement Fraud
Neil Issar
Full Text page 341


COBRA Data and the Right to Confront Technology Against You
Kathleen E. Watson
Full Text page 375

The Fiction of Privacy Under the Fourth Amendment: Examining Warrantless Cell Phone Searches in teh Context of Riley v. California
Casey A. Taylor
Full Text page 395