The Northern Kentucky Law Review

The Northern Kentucky Law Review Group Photo from 2016-2017
The following members are absent from this photo: Shelbie Wilson, Pamela Hall, Heather Herald, Nicholas Hunt, John Roberts, Hannah Seiter, Jeffrey Snider, Alexa Wainscott

Founded by Students

The Northern Kentucky Law Review, founded in 1973, is an independent journal, edited and published entirely by the students of NKU Chase College of Law.

Current Issue

Volume 42, No. 3


Introduction: The New Era of Gaming Law
Kate Lowenhar-Fisher and Greg Gemignani
Full Text page 419

The Special Exemption for Fantasy Sports
Jeffrey Standen
Full Text page 427

Speech: The Legal Status of Daily Fantasy Sports in a Changing Business Environment
Marc Edelman
Full Text page 443

The Sports Bribery Act: A Law and Economics Approach
John T. Holden and Ryan M. Rodenberg
Full Text page 453

Gambling and the Law®: Casinos at the End of the World
I. Nelson Rose
Full Text page 475

A Seasick Blackjack Dealer on a Moored Riverboat Casino Is Not a “Seaman” under the Jones Act
Walter T. Champion, Jr.
Full Text page 493


Should the Kentucky Legislature Follow Montana’s Lead in Regulating Fantasy Sports?
Bradley J. Steffen
Full Text page 511

A Billion Dollar Industry’s Billion Dollar Question: Are Fantasy Sports Actually Legal?
Richard Pandorf
Full Text page 519

Every Time I Call It a Game, You Say It’s a Business.
Every Time I Say It’s a Business, You Call It a Game
Jay R. Wampler
Full Text page 529

Fantasy Sports and Gambling: Drawing a Line in the Sand Between Pete Rose’s Gambling and Daily-Play Fantasy Sports
Jonah Ottley
Full Text page 549