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Jennifer Kinsley

Judge Jennifer Kinsley
Professor of Law



Judge Jennifer Kinsley currently serves on the Ohio First District Court of Appeals in addition to teaching courses at Chase College of Law. Prior to taking the bench, Judge Kinsley was one of the nation’s leading constitutional law scholars and practitioners. Her research, which has been widely cited and is included in leading constitutional law textbooks, focuses on the First Amendment right of free expression, particularly as it is applied within the context of criminal cases, and related criminal justice reform. Judge Kinsley’s research on the intersection of psychology and speech and the criminalization of speech has been published in leading law reviews, including the Emory Law Review, the Cincinnati Law Review, the Richmond Law Review, the Louisville Law Review, the New Mexico Law Review, the Loyola Chicago Law Journal, and the Vanderbilt Entertainment Law & Technology Law Journal.  

In the field, she successfully represented thousands of clients whose free speech and civil rights have been persecuted by the government, including Black Lives Matter protestors, artists, filmmakers, adult businesses, human trafficking survivors, juveniles sentenced to life in prison, and those facing the death penalty. Her work has been regularly featured in the national news, including on NBC Nightly News, in the New York Times and Washington Post, and as part of Kim Kardashian’s The Justice Project documentary on the Oxygen Network. Judge Kinsley has lectured around the world on matters of free speech law, including at the Supreme Court of Turkey and to aspiring civil rights lawyers in Russia and Poland.

At Chase, Judge Kinsley has served in a number of roles. In addition to teaching Constitutional Law and other skills courses, Judge Kinsley also developed the field placement program, which enables students to earn academic credit for work in the field. Judge Kinsley routinely mentors students to help them transition from the classroom to the day-to-day practice of law. In her previous role as the associate dean for professional development, Judge Kinsley oversaw the law school’s bar exam success program, including the early introduction of bar-tested subjects and formats and focused law school courses that improve students’ test-taking skills. Judge Kinsley has also served the university as a member of the Faculty Senate, the Faculty Benefits Committee and the Parking Appeals Board.      

In her spare time, Judge Kinsley is an active community volunteer. She serves on the board of trustees for Mutual Dance Theater, a Cincinnati-based arts organization that presents modern dance companies from around the world, and feeds the homeless and food-insecure once a month through the Sunday Light Live program in Covington. She enjoys distance running, word games, college sports (Go Gators!), and spending time with her husband and five busy children.

She earned a Juris Doctor at Duke University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of Florida.