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Amy Halbrook

Amy Halbrook
Professor of Law
Associate Dean for Experiential Learning
Director of the Children's Law Center Clinic



Amy E. Halbrook is the Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and Director of the NKU Chase Children's Law Center Clinic, a partnership between the College of Law and the Children's Law Center in Covington, Kentucky. Clinic students receive specialized instruction in child and family law and advocacy and represent child and youth clients in court. The Clinic is housed in a fully-equipped model law office on the third floor of the Children's Law Center.

Professor Halbrook has represented clients in a wide range of court proceedings, including child welfare, high-conflict custody, juvenile delinquency, school discipline and special education matters. Before joining the Chase faculty, Professor Halbrook was a clinical teaching fellow in the Northwestern University School of Law's Children and Family Justice Center where she, together with senior law students, assisted young people who were petitioning the court to be removed from the Illinois Sex Offender Registry. Before that, she was a clinical teaching fellow in the Loyola University Chicago Civitas ChildLaw Clinic where she taught in the ChildLaw Clinic course and supervised students in child protection, high-conflict custody, delinquency, civil rights, and school matters. She has also taught child law trial practice in New York, Ohio and Illinois.

Before law school, Professor Halbrook was the Director of Youth Services for the Donald P. McCullum Youth Court in Oakland, California. Stemming from that work, some of her interests include positive youth development, balanced and restorative justice, and community-based alternatives to incarceration.