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Credit Hours: 1
Description: Voir Dire Strategies will teach the skills and way of thinking necessary to increase your chances of selecting a jury that will be receptive to your theory of the case. All too often, trial lawyers ask the wrong questions of prospective jurors, missing opportunities to explore in a meaningful way whether a prospective juror will be right for the case. Additionally, trial lawyers frequently rely on stereotypes in picking jurors they believe will be favorably predisposed to their case. But just as in other facets of life, reliance on stereotypes in picking jurors can be dangerous. This course will teach a theory-of-the-case based way of constructing questions of potential jurors and analyzing whether prospective jurors should be selected for the case. Perhaps more importantly, the course will focus on how to 'de-select' potential jurors who will be hostile to your theory of the case through cause and peremptory challenges.
Prerequisite: None
AWR Possible: None
Enrollment Cap: