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Credit Hours: 3
Description: This is an advanced, applied business law course intended principally for 3L students or those with a significant interest in business law. Enrollment in the course is limited to 12 students and requires approval by the professor – in this regard, please send copy of résumé and law school transcript by email to Eric Alden. Ideally, students enrolling in the course would already have taken, or be  contemporaneously enrolled during the same semester as Startups and Venture Capital Law, in: (i) Corporations; (ii) Agency, Partnerships and LLCs; (iii) Securities Regulation; and (iv) Tax: Business Organizations and Business Planning. However, students with a strong interest in business law are encouraged to apply for enrollment even if they will not have taken or be enrolled in all of the foregoing. The only one of the foregoing courses which will be treated as a strict co- or pre-requisite is Corporations – all the others can be waived if the professor believes the student has sufficient background and interest to make the course worthwhile for the student.
Prerequisite: Corporations (concurrent)
AWR Possible: AWR Drafting
Enrollment Cap: 12 (requires instructor permission)