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Credit Hours: 3
Description: This course aims to explore the socially constructed norms and frameworks enabling the legal regulation of human sexuality. This course will offer students an opportunity to analyze and develop a perspective on issues of sexual orientation, gender identity and justice, while providing the critical tools required to evaluate a host of legislative and judicial responses to gender and sexuality. This course will look at historical precedents and emerging case law to analyze how certain types of sexual behavior and gender identity are regulated (including freedom of assembly, association and expression, freedom of religion and nondiscrimination, asylum and immigration and universality and equality).  The course will also examine the legislative, regulatory and judicial response to ‘deviant’ sexual bodies in action (including transgender identities, intersex bodies, same-sex marriage, new family forms, and the decriminalization of sodomy). In looking at case law and legal precedent, the course will allow students to begin to explore the multiple ways that legal regulation operates in the realm of sexuality and identity.