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Credit Hours: 3
Description: No matter what the economy looks like or how people live, work and communicate, with an effective marketing plan, any attorney can find success, whether it is at a large corporate defense firm, mid-size personal injury practice, or your own solo practice. Every attorney needs to be trained in marketing even if the goal is to work for other attorneys: you need to know how to develop your own brand and your own clients. Marketing as attorneys or as law firms is about everything we do as lawyers. This course teaches a systemic way in which lawyers can understand the unique value they bring to (1) clients, (2) law firms, and (3) their own lives and utilize that value to create a consistent flow of business to their practice. Upon completion of this course, you will know how to draft your own Marketing Plan, how to find, understand and serve your clients, and how to effectively present who you are to your employers, partners, and clients. This course will cover such topics as online marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Unique Value Proposition, building your own Virtual Law Practice, effective networking and gifting systems, business development, referral systems, opportunity closing, and sales. 
Prerequisite: None