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Credit Hours: 3

This is a clinical externship with the IRS regional office in Cincinnati dealing with tax issues. The IRS Chief Counsel Externship provides an excellent opportunity for students interested in practicing in the area of taxation generally and in tax litigation specifically. The student will clerk with the attorneys in the IRS Chief Counsel’s Office in Cincinnati, Ohio. Under the supervision of IRS Counsel, the extern will have the opportunity to do fact finding using the administrative file, do legal research, draft pleadings and motions, and generally become familiar with tax litigation and tax controversy practice.

The externship is a 3-credit course offered under the umbrella of the College of Law externship program. The IRS Externship is offered by the IRS Chief Counsel’s Office as part of the IRS Honors Program. The student will be required to work 150 hours to receive course credit.

This course adopts the apprenticeship model of externships and requires the student to keep a detailed log (subject to IRS confidentiality rules) of the projects and to reflect concurrently on the lessons learned from the experience.

Prerequisite: None
AWR Possible: None
Enrollment Cap: None