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This course builds on the analytical and writing skills taught across the law school curriculum to enhance a student’s ability to prepare for, take, and pass the bar exam.  While the most intense preparation for the bar occurs during the weeks immediately prior to the examination, this course will prepare students for that period of study and practice. Therefore, the course is open only to students in their final semester of law school. Foundations I and II are NOT prerequisites.

Students will be introduced to the format and components of the Kentucky, Ohio, and Uniform bar exams, to the magnitude of the task of bar study, and to skills necessary for bar passage.  Selected substantive topics must be reviewed, mainly the seven subjects tested on both the multiple choice and essay portions of the bar exam.  Primarily students will learn study methods, answer practice essay and multiple choice questions, and receive feedback on written answers.  Self-assessment techniques and group learning are emphasized and encouraged.

Because so much material must be covered, a great deal of out-of-class preparation is necessary.  Despite the pass/fail grading, the course is rigorous and requires students to read, think, discuss, write, and answer many questions over the course of the semester.

This course is not designed to replace commercial bar preparation courses, which all students are strongly encouraged to take.

Grading: Pass/Fail