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Credit Hours: 2 or 3
Description: Chase's clinical externship program offers students practical, hands-on experience in handling actual cases and learning aspects of the law in supervised judicial, civil, and criminal law settings. A student must expect to work 50 hours for every credit- hour earned. These externships have a mandatory classroom component, even though these are listed under “non-classroom courses.”  The class sessions will not meet every week, and some sessions will be conducted on-line.  See Professor Kinsley for details.
Prerequisite: A student must (1) have completed 30 credit hours for placements which do not require a student license to practice or 60 credit hours for placements which do require a student license to practice; and (2) have completed Professional Responsibility or be contemporaneously enrolled in Professional Responsibility. Certain placements have specific GPA or coursework requirements beyond these prerequisites
AWR Possible: None
Enrollment Cap: None