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Credit Hours: 3

This online course will focus on both hands-on digital forensic experiences using open-source digital forensics tools and case law that covers electronic discovery, privacy, and cybersecurity considerations.  In this course, the student not only gains experience using digital forensics tools but also will learn about legal precedents that discusses the “why” behind the “how”.

The course also includes lessons about data acquisition and analysis of external storage devices such as USB devices, workplace considerations (the cloud, bring-your-own-device BYOD), and a study of various models that any forensic practitioner should be familiar with when presenting findings to in a court of law. Finally, students will be also asked to engage in critical thinking assignments that tackle forensic implications of current and emerging technologies.

This course will be structured with the expectation that the student has no IT experience and then ensure that the student becomes knowledgeable with the role of a forensics investigator, various tools in the field, the evidentiary concepts surroundings the legal proceedings of digital evidence, and the forensic implications of technologies that are emerging.

Prerequisite: None