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Credit Hours: 3

This intensive course is offered to students who are interested in taking an in-depth look into the criminal justice process from arrest to post-trial relief. Students taking this class will have an opportunity to develop their oral and written advocacy skills. The course will cover various aspects of the post-investigative stage of the criminal process, commonly referred to as “bail to jail.” It examines what occurs after the criminal investigation has been completed, and an arrest has occurred. The individual is no longer a mere suspect, but now a defendant. Presently, the plan for the class is to cover such diverse areas as pre-trial release (bail), pretrial motions, preliminary hearings, trial objections, sentencing, and post-conviction challenges. Students will be expected to both learn important concepts in criminal law, procedure and evidence and apply that law by arguing, and–on occasion, drafting—motions based upon fact patterns which raise related issues. This class provides a unique opportunity, because it combines substantive law with the opportunity to advocate in a skills setting. Please note that this course may be used to satisfy the AWR drafting requirement. Prerequisites for this course are the completion of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Evidence.

*** Professor Mungo is an experienced and well-respected criminal defense attorney who practices in both Kentucky and Ohio. A 1998 Chase graduate, Professor Mungo has also been an Assistant Commonwealth Attorney as well as in private practice with the firm of Wood, Herron & Evans. He has taught other courses here, including legal writing, advance appellate advocacy and trial strategy.

Prerequisite: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence
AWR Possible:
AWR Drafting
Enrollment Cap: