Credit Hours: 2
Description: Client Centered Practice is a two-week, real-time simulation of law practice in which corporate, civil, criminal, family-based, and ethics doctrine and procedure are integrated with research, writing, and oral advocacy skills to improve student preparedness for the real-world practice of law. In the course, students will be confronted with a hypothetical client whose needs are wide-ranging and overlapping. Students will proceed to represent the client throughout by preparing a series of memos, motions, and client-related documents, by planning for and executing fact development, and by implementing problem-solving and advocacy strategies. The course will be taught by a team of professors, emphasizing individual feedback and depth of substantive expertise. By the conclusion of the two week session, students will have acquired doctrinal knowledge and additional practice skills necessary to represent clients in the real world. The course is pass/fail.
Prerequisite: Successful completion of BLS-Research and BLS-Writing. 
Eligibility Open to full-time students who have completed the first year curriculum and to part-time students who have completed the second year curriculum.
Enrollment Cap: None