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Credit Hours: 3 or 4

The NKU Chase Children’s Law Center Clinic represents children primarily in delinquency,
child custody and visitation, and school matters. Students typically work on 2-3 cases and at least one policy project during the course of a semester, under the supervision of the clinic faculty. The Clinic also includes a weekly seminar (Fridays from 10-11:30), which addresses substantive law, advocacy skills, and ethical issues in the representation of children. While the subject matter of the Clinic's cases focuses on children's issues, students develop skills transferrable to any practice setting. Enrollment in the clinic is limited to 8 students. Priority is given to students eligible for a student practice license and permission is required for enrollment. Participation in the Clinic requires a significant time commitment (150-200 hours) and some flexibility in the student's schedule. All students will be expected to attend and conduct court appearances throughout the semester (frequently Wednesday mornings and Tuesday/Thursday afternoons), and to be available to attend to other client business during some regular business hours. Students who have concerns about their ability to maintain a flexible schedule should speak with Clinic faculty before applying. Additional information is listed on the Clinic application.

Clinic students must be available for Friday clinic class and some Monday/Wednesday mornings at 8:30am for court appearances. Clinic application will be posted on Symplicity. Please see Professor Halbrook with questions.

Prerequisite: Professional Responsibility (either previously took it or are taking it concurrently
with Clinic); 30+ credit hours; 60+ credit hours if you want a license to appear in
court; Trial Ad., Family, & Juvenile Law preferred
AWR Possible: None
Enrollment Cap: 8