The Business of Law: Creative Thinking for Lawyers and their Clients

Credit Hours: 2 or 3

This course prepares law students to address the competitive landscape of the legal services market.  It provides them with the foundational skills required for operating a business, aiding clients in achieving business goals, and otherwise becoming a business-competent lawyer and business leader.

The course trains students in creative problem solving for businesses – either for their own law practice or for their clients’ businesses.  Students will explore many of the methods, tools, and exercises that are the keys to unlocking business value.   The skills the students are encouraged to develop in this course will help them design their law practices to better serve the needs of clients, regardless of whether their practice is solo, firm, or in-house.  

Prerequisite: Business Organizations; Essential Quantitative Skills for Lawyers; Law Practice Technology (concurrent); and Permission of Lunsford Academy Director