Credit Hours: 3
Description: The purpose of this course is to provide a real-life experience in the preparation and defense of a commercial claim. This course will discuss the strategy of pursuing and defending a commercial claim. The facts of the claim are derived from actual commercial cases involving major corporations and individuals with millions of dollars at stake. The course will be led by Attorney Al Weisbrod, who will act as a mentor. Mr. Weisbrod was involved as trial counsel in each of the cases from which the facts have been derived for this course. If the students and the mentor work together as planned, at the end of this course, the students' knowledge of Torts, Contracts, Federal and Civil Procedure, and Evidence will have been enhanced. Each student will have created forms, memorandums, and arguments that can be used in actual trial practice.
Prerequisite: Civil Procedure; Evidence preferred
AWR Possible:
Enrollment Cap: