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Jennifer Jolly-Ryan


Jennifer Jolly-Ryan
Professor of Legal Writing

"Chase students excel. As a legal writing and trial advocacy professor at Chase, I get to work closely with my students, so I know they have what it takes. Chase students become accomplished lawyers, judges, and community leaders. I am proud to watch my students' many successes and be a part of Chase's long tradition of training leaders."


Professor Jolly-Ryan teaches Basic Legal Skills, and Trial Advocacy. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Northern Kentucky University and her Juris Doctor from the Chase College of Law.

Professor Jolly-Ryan joined academia after private practice and a judicial clerkship with the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Ohio, Western Division. She is a member of the Ohio, Kentucky, and Northern Kentucky Bar Associations.

Professor Jolly-Ryan is a former commissioner for the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights. She has published a number of articles about discrimination law and legal writing.



  • BA, Northern Kentucky University
  • JD, Chase College of Law

Courses Taught

  • Advanced Appellate Advocacy
  • Basic Legal Skills - Writing
  • Introduction to Legal Studies
  • The Practice: Appellate and Trial Advocacy


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Speaking Engagements and Recognitions

Presenter, “Power up Your Administrative Decision Writing: Top it Off with Effective Topic Sentences and Clarity” at a training course for administrative hearing officers sponsored by the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General -- Administrative Hearings Branch in Frankfort, Kentucky (June 12, 2015). 

Co-presenter, “Teaching Students with Disabilities: Heart, Soul, Duty” at the Association of Legal Writing Director’s Conference in Memphis, Tennessee (June 5, 2015) (with Professor Terry Jean Seligmann, Drexel University School of Law, Professor and Dean Emeritus Kevin H. Smith, University of Memphis School of Law, and Professor Suzanne Rowe, University of Oregon School of Law)  

Presenter, Taming the Grammar Monster in the Evolving Legal Writing Classroom (with Professor Phillip Sparkes), Legal Writing Institute Workshop, University of Kentucky School of Law, Lexington, KY (December 2013)