Carol Furnish

Carol Furnish
Professor of Law Library Services
Assistant Director for Instruction & Outreach

Professor of Law Library Services
Assistant Director for Instruction & Outreach


Carol is responsible for the Reference Services Department. She updates the web pages related to research, prepares handouts and offers classroom instruction. Prior to joining the Chase Law Faculty in 1990, she served as the Head Law Librarian for two law firms, Hopkins & Sutter and Ross & Hardies located in Chicago.

Carol has provided numerous presentations to the Kentucky Bar Association, the Cincinnati Bar Association, the Procter & Gamble Legal Division, the Institute for Paralegal Education, and the National Business Institute. 

Carol has contributed short articles to the Northern Kentucky Bar Association - Lex Loci, the Cincinnati Bar Association - CBA Report, the Special Libraries Association - Legal Division Quarterly, and the Special Libraries Association Cincinnati Chapter - Queen City Gazette.

Carol has written two lengthier articles: Evaluating Electronic Instruction Services published in Legal Reference Services Quarterly (vol. 18, no.4, pgs. 7-29) and Environmental Sources: An Update published in Legal Reference Services Quarterly (vol. 14, no.3, pgs. 85-93). Carol also contributed to the reference publication, Recommended Reference Books in Print 3rd ed. (1999).

Carol is a member of the American Association of Law Libraries. She received the Chase College of Law Young's Library Faculty Service Award in 1997 and 2001 and the Special Libraries Association, Cincinnati Chapter, 2000 Meritorious Award.



  • Office: NH207
  • Email:
  • Phone: 859.572.5396
  • Fax: 859.572.6529


  • BA, Indiana University
  • MLS, Indiana University

Courses Taught

  • Basic Legal Skills - Research
  • Advanced Legal Research


Advising Kentucky Nonprofit Organizations, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 8 (February 2017) pdf

Kentucky Legal Ethics Research: A Crib Sheet, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 12 (February 2016) pdf

Co-author, Back to the Basics in 2015: Practical Information for Setting Up Shop, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 9 (February 2015) pdf

Researching Kentucky Foreclosure Laws, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 18 (August 2014) pdf

Kentucky Employment and Labor Law Sources, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 10 (April 2013) pdf

Best Blogs for 2011, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 8 (February 2012) pdf  

Google Update: Improving Your Searches, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 16-17 (October 2011) pdf  

Family Law Resources, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 8 (December 2011) pdf  

Better Than the Web! Libraries Still Offer Quality Information, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 10 (January 2010) pdf  

Follow the Money! What Are You Spending on Research? Part I: Know the Basics, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 18-19 (June 2010) pdf

The Kentucky Building Code: A History and Research Guide, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 4-5 (August 2009) pdf  

Researching Kentucky Legislative History: A Checklist, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 22-23 (October 2009) (co-authored with Isaac Burkhart) pdf  

Google Scholar in a Nutshell, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 16-17 (October 2008) pdf  

Career Development Services, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 15 (June 2008) pdf  

Chase Law: An Arsenal of Legal Writing Tools, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 8 (August 2007) pdf  

New Rule- Permitting Citing Nonpublished Decisions, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 6 (Jan 2007)  

A Guiding Light - Let the Chase Law Library Web Site Guide You to Legal Information on the Web, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 8 (October 2007) pdf  

This Just In... Current News Sources on the Web, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 14-15 (September 2006) pdf  

Research Tips, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 14 (March 2006)

Kentucky Ethics Research: The Basics, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 14-15 (May 2006) pdf  

Kentucky Legislative Histories: Finding Your Way Part I: Tracing a Current Statute Back to its Origin, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci (October 2005) pdf

Kentucky Legislative Histories: Finding Your Way Part II: Piecing Together a Legislative History, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci (November 2005) pdf  

What's it Worth? Finding Jury Verdicts and Settlements, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 14 (July 2005) pdf  

Mining the Gold: Finding Kentucky Information, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 14 (June 2005) pdf  

From the Ohio River to Washington D.C.: the Legal Papers of Abraham Lincoln and Salmon P. Chase, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 24 (June 2004)

Local Libraries: Offer Cost Saving Services, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 12 (October 2004) pdf  

Kentucky State & Local Government Services, N.K.B.A. Lex Loci 19 (Aug/Sept 2004)

Speaking Engagements and Recognitions

Co-Presenter, “Law Review - Law Library Partnerships,” National Conference of Law Reviews, Louisville, KY (March 11-14, 2015)

Co-Presenter, Finding Reliable Research Tools That Won’t Bust Your Budget!, Northern Kentucky Bar Association Annual CLE Day, Erlanger, KY (April 2013)

Co-Presenter, On Your Own But Not Alone:  Efficient & Cost-Effective Research Using the Tools in Your Backyard, CBA Legal Research Series, Cincinnati Bar Association Legal Research & Information Resources Committee, Cincinnati, OH (November 2012)