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A Chase Entrepreneur is a law student interested in pursuing a career in entrepreneurship or representing entrepreneurs and businesses. To qualify, students must complete an application. We will accept a limited number of student applications. Once accepted, students must attend (either live or virtually) and actively participate in all sessions with Plankk leadership during the fall 2021 semester. In spring 2022, the Center for Law and Entrepreneurship will take the Chase Entrepreneurs to visit Plankk headquarters in Nashville and network with Chase alumni in Nashville. This program is also a collaboration with Vanderbilt Law School and will include networking events with Vanderbilt Law students and alumni. Chase Entrepreneurs will also be invited to go behind the scenes on investing in start-ups and attend a Queen City Angels meeting. Finally, Chase Entrepreneurs will visit a 150-year-old business, the Cincinnati Reds, for a presentation on the business of the Reds and a Reds game. 

Apply at the link below in APPLY NOW. Applications are due by October 3. Contact Jeannine Lambert at, office NH 521 or call (859) 572-6403.


From Year 1 to 150

Chase Entrepreneurs will receive an exclusive invitation to attend a meeting of the Queen City Angels, a local angel investment group that invests in start-ups globally including Plankk. 

DATE: February 2022
LOCATION: Cincinnati, Ohio


Plankk, a custom fitness app based in Nashville, is a rising start-up that received funding from Cincinnati-based Queen City Angels, an angel investment group. Join the Chase Center for Law and Entrepreneurship as we interivew the CEO, CFO and legal counsel for Plankk and learn about taking the start-up from founding through investment and into tremendous growth in the market. Chase Entrepreneurs will be able to go visit Plankk HQ in Nashville in spring 2022.

HQ VISIT DATE: March 2022
LOCATION: Nashville, Tennessee

Cincinnati Reds Logo

Chase Entrepreneurs will go behind the scenes at a 150-year-old business, the Cincinnati Reds. Event includes a presentation on the business of the Reds and viewing a baseball game. 

DATE: April 2022
LOCATION: Cincinnati, Ohio






Contact Executive Director Jeannine Lambert at, stop by NH 521 or call (859) 572-6403.