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Aurielle March Selected to Receive Chase Advocacy Award

Aurielle March

Graduating student Aurielle March will receive the Salmon P. Chase Award for 2022, for her advocacy for others, at the Chase commencement ceremony, May 6.

  • One way she has helped: Aurielle volunteered at the Hamilton County (Ohio) Municipal Court Help Center, where she focused on helping low-income families facing evictions and assisting pro se litigants – going to court without a lawyer – navigate the civil courts and prepare for hearings. 

  • When she went into court herself: Aurielle had a student license to practice law under supervision of a lawyer, and worked with the Children’s Law Center in Covington, Kentucky. There, she represented a 14-year-old in an offense and acted as guardian ad litem, appointed to represent the interests of a child, in two contested custody cases. 

  • The Chase Award: The award recognizes a student for advocacy for others, performed in the spirit in which Salmon P. Chase as a Cincinnati lawyer (later Chief Justice of the United States) represented people prior to the Civil War to prevent their return to slavery.