MAX is presenting live webinars for all 1Ls and 2Ls. Below is a list of the upcoming live webinars (scholarship incentive credit is available for these webinars, as well!).  All dates and details are listed in MAX online in the MAX Talks Live tile – and within the individual workshop tiles. (Please note all times listed are in Eastern Time.)

Financial Planning for Law School Students - From developing a simple spending plan to outlining your 3-year financial plan, smart money strategies lay the foundation for every law students’ personal and professional success story. Learn to apply core concepts of personal finance to make confident decisions about money and better achieve your short and long-term goals. Law school is an investment - make the most of yours!

The Psychology of Financial Decision-Making - Everyone approaches money matters differently. Knowing not only how you handle your finances, but why, can hold the key to achieving your financial goals. This workshop focuses on identifying your individual strengths and weaknesses, and will prepare you to balance emotion and logic when making personal finance decisions.

Your Employment Options, Your - Money Whether you accept a position in public service or big law, plan to open your own practice, or follow any other professional path, there is more to know than just your starting salary. This workshop provides a financial analysis of various legal professions and helps you understand the financial impact of your employment decision – including pay, benefits, taxation, cost of living and more.

Strategies for Financing the Cost of Your Bar - Study Costs associated with sitting for the bar can add up, especially when you aren’t working yet. This session will help you estimate your expenses – from preparation through passing – and provide you with resources to create your strategic plan for managing the cost of your bar study.