Step 1

Using any device that can send an email (your iPhone, Android, Laptop etc), attach the document to be printed as an attachment and send the email to for black and white printing.

Email Address to send emails and attachments - Black and White Print Jobs

Supported Attachment Types:

  1. Word Documents (doc dot docx txt rtf htm| html mht eml)
  2. SpreadSheet Documents (xls xlt xlsx csv)
  3. Powerpoint Documents ( ppt pptx pptm)
  4. Adobe Documents (pdf)

Step 2

If you sent the email from your NKU or email address you can skip Step 2. However if you sent the email from a personal email address, you will receive an email with a link to register your personal email with your NKU Username and password. After you have registered your personal email, Norse Print will remember you and you will not have to register again.



Step 3

Within a minute of sending the attachment or registering, you will receive a confirmation email to let you know that your documents are ready to be printed at a Norse Print Station. You then have up to 2 days to print the document from a Norse Print Station.



Step 4

Once you are on campus and need to print your document, visit one of the Norse Print Station locations listed above. These are computers with Norse Print Signs next to the Printer. Each station will print to the printer next to it. The Norse Print stations require the user to login with their NKU username and password, then select the job they wish to print.

Login Prompt



After login, the attachments and emails you have emailed to Norse Print will be listed. You can select the job to see its cost, then click print.



You will be prompted to accept the charges and you will be shown your current Free Print Balance and ALL Card Balance.



Step 5

Pick up your document off the printer.  If you have further questions or problems contact the IT Help Desk and ask them about Norse Print.