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Chase students can enhance their education by learning from the experiences of alumni who return to the college as Distinguished Guest Professors.

These alumni have recently taught classes and met with students:  

• Judge Timothy Black ’83, United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio

• Maria Longi ’93, U.S. Agency for International Development acting assistant administrator for the Middle East

• Daniel Stratton ’78, the Stratton Law Firm, Pikeville, Ky

• David Stratton ’78, the Stratton Law Firm, Pikeville, Ky

• Terry Monnie ’74, Terry Monnie Title Co.

• Joseph Thomas ’88, partner, Ulmer & Berne, Cincinnati, Oh

• Michael F. Lyon ’75, partner, Lindhorst & Dreidame, Cincinnati, Oh

• Tom Munninghoff ’76, co-founder and owner, Munninghoff, Lange & Co., Covington, Ky

• Karen Meyers '78, partner, Little, Meyers & Associates, Cincinnati, Oh

• Henry Acciani ’79, founding partner, O’Connor, Acciani & Levy, Cincinnati, Oh