Student Organizations

An Active Student Life

Student organizations contribute to the active student life here at NKU Chase. Joining a student organization (or several) will get you "connected," allow you to develop law-related interests outside of the classroom, and help you enjoy life at the law school.  So get involved!  

Student Bar Association

All students at the Chase College of Law are voting members of the Student Bar Association (SBA). Through SBA's elected officers and representatives, the organization acts as the official advocate of the student body. SBA sponsors a number of social, professional and community-service programs and events. Students take an active role in the development of the Chase College of Law through SBA's participation on a number of faculty-student committees. The SBA represents the Chase student body at district, circuit and national American Bar Association/Law Student Division meetings.

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American Constitution Society for Law and Policy

The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS) is one of the nation's leading progressive legal organizations. Founded in 2001, ACS is a rapidly growing network of lawyers, law students, scholars, judges, policymakers and other concerned individuals. The organization's mission is to ensure that fundamental principles of human dignity, individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, and access to justice enjoy their rightful, central place in American law. Through student and lawyer chapters all across the country, and programs and projects at both the national and local level, ACS: promotes a progressive vision of the Constitution, law and public policy; educates lawyers, law students, decision-makers and the public about the historic basis and vitality of such a vision and its importance for the lives of real people; strengthens the intellectual underpinnings for progressive law and policy in the United States; and continues to build a diverse and dynamic national network.

Black Law Students Association

The purposes of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) include: articulating and promoting the professional needs and goals of African-American law students and providing them with opportunities for peer support in the study of law; fostering professional competence; instilling in African-American attorneys and law students an enhanced appreciation of and commitment to implementing steps to meet the needs of the African-American community; influencing the legal community to respond in a meaningful way to meet the needs of the African-American community; and engaging in public service activities.

Chase blu. -- Business Law Union

Chase blu. is a student-led organization dedicated to the promotion and practice of business and transactional law.  Chase blu. provides members with workshops, networking, and leadership opportunities in areas of business law and beyond.  Areas of focus include negotiation, contracts, small law firm practice, as well as nonprofit law.  Students are encouraged to join to learn more about this specialized field of practice, establish valuable connections and gain experience.  Chase blu. is affiliated with the Transactional Law Practice Center at NKU Chase College of Law.

Chase Advocacy Society

The Chase Advocacy Society is a student led organization that is dedicated to the study and promotion of legal advocacy, especially as it relates to careers. CAS works hard to provide our student body with opportunities to hear from interesting guest speakers on advocacy related topics. CAS also strives to make service a core value by implementing pro bono programs to help minority and underprivileged groups. 

Chase Law + Informatics Society

Informatics is the science of information and data analysis that drives our progressive society in the digital age.  Chase Law + Informatics Society centers around the legal implications of information exchange and knowledge.  Laws and public policy relating to informatics, intellectual property, and data security are explored.  Chase Law + Informatics Society attends the annual NKU Cybersecurity Symposium and is affiliated with the Chase Law + Informatics Institute at NKU Chase College of Law.

Chase Pride

Chase Pride, serving students and faculty at NKU Chase College of Law, is committed to promoting inclusion and diversity within the College of Law. The organization accomplishes its mission by holding informative discussions, proactively coordinating with other student organizations, and campaigning to raise awareness and understanding of LGBTQ legal issues and challenges.  Members also participate in an annual LGBT lawyer and law student social at a local law firm every fall.

Chase Public Interest Group

The Chase Public Interest Group's mission is to educate future lawyers about the inequities that exist in our legal system, and to prepare them to dedicate their professional efforts to developing a more just society. The group's activities include hosting speakers from the public interest field, educating students about opportunities in public interest law, participating in public service activities, and raising funds for summer public interest fellowships for Chase students.

Environmental Law Society

The Chase Environmental Law Society (CELS) was created to develop a community for and encouragement of Chase students interested in careers in environmental law.  Environmental law overlaps with many other areas and aspects of law, but is really a specialty of transactional law. CELS will provide the opportunity for students at the College of Law the opportunity to network with one another and with members of the Greater Cincinnati Environmental law professional community through lectures and presentations by members of the local legal community.

The Federalist Society for Law & Public Policy Studies

The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies comprises law students interested in the current state of the legal order who believe that principles and legal rules strongly influence the direction of social development, and in doing so, can secure or impede individual rights and liberties. The Society is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to the Constitution and that the province and duty of the judiciary is to say what the law is, not what it should be. The Society's activities include public debates and lectures and informal social events throughout the year. The Society, which exists solely to promote the exchange of ideas, does not adopt political stances or advocate for political outcomes, lobby for legislation, nor does it endorse nominees or candidates.

International Law Student Association

The Chase chapter of the International Law Students Association (ILSA) is open to all students, and is dedicated to the study and promotion of international law and international legal issues. ILSA focuses on supplementing the traditional domestic law curriculum by providing opportunities for study abroad, lectures on various topics of interest, and social activities for networking.

Latino Law Students Association

The Latino Law Students Association provides a forum for Latino students and other students and professors interested in the Latino/Hispanic culture and traditions and the Spanish language. Through programming and other activities, the Latino Law Students Association celebrates this culture, promotes relationships with the Latino legal educational community and legal societies throughout the country, and seeks to enhance the character and diversity of culture at NKU Chase.

The Legal Association of Women

The Legal Association of Women is dedicated to providing a networking and support system for Chase Law students. We provide a comfortable atmosphere to discuss the hot topics women attorneys deal with on a daily basis that affect their personal lives and careers. Our speakers have struggled against, and broken through, the glass ceiling in the legal profession and offer Chase students the benefit of their friendship, support, and advice. LAW also sponsors seminars on non-traditional legal careers, debates for the Student Bar Association, a mentor program between members and local attorneys, and a reception for the Women Lawyers' Section of the Northern Kentucky Bar Association.

Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International

Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) is an international fraternity with over 240,000 members throughout the world. There are 189 law school chapters, 97 alumni chapters, and nearly 250 pre-law chapters of PAD. Membership in PAD is open to all Chase students who apply to join and pay chapter dues. PAD is dedicated to "Service to the Student, the School, the Profession and the Community." To this end, PAD offers numerous events designed to make their members' law school experience as enjoyable as possible through social events, and as useful as possible upon graduation through networking opportunities.

If your student organization is not listed above, send a description of the organization to Judy Brun at for inclusion on the website. All student organizations must be approved and registered with Dean Crabbe (, office 316).