Frequently Asked Questions

Chase Student

For whom is the program designed?

The LLM in U.S. Law at Chase is designed solely for internationally trained lawyers and law program graduates who have earned at least a first law degree outside the United States.


Who can benefit from the program?

An LLM in U.S. Law can be beneficially to anyone engaged in a law practice or other career that requires an understanding of the U.S. legal system and the application of its laws. It can enable lawyers practicing outside the U.S. to better advise clients on matters involving U.S. law and anyone who deals with lawyers or government or business administrators on matters involving U.S. law to communicate more easily.


When should I apply?

The application deadline is May 1. Applying earlier is advised.


What pre-admission test do I have to take?

The only required test is of proficiency in the English language, because all courses are taught in English. Prospective students may demonstrate proficiency through either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). No other test is required.


How is admission determined?

Admission decisions are based on each prospective student’s academic record, score on a test of English proficiency, and information supplied on the online application form for the program.


Are there exceptions to the English proficiency requirement?

To be successful, a student must be able to read, understand, and communicate in English. All courses are taught in English. Students must demonstrate a threshold level of proficiency in English to be admitted.


Can I begin the program later than August?

The introductory classes in the American law-school style of instruction and the U.S. legal system are required, and are offered only in August. All students in the LLM in U.S. Law program must begin their studies in August.


What is the cost of tuition, and is financial aid available?

Tuition for the LLM in U.S. Law program is $28,950 (USD) for the thirty credit hours necessary to earn a degree. Financial assistance is available to all admitted students.


What is the classroom experience like?

The LLM in U.S. Law program is a full American law school experience. Students attend classes with American students. All classes are taught by full-time Chase professors, or in instances in which part-time faculty members bring particular expertise to a subject, by adjunct professors who teach American students in the same classes. Students in the LLM program are expected to participate in class instruction just as American students do. American law schools use what is known as the “Socratic” method of teaching. This involves professors and students participating in a dialog, in which professors orally question students about concepts involved in specific court decision, to which students respond orally. This method ­ (as opposed to listening to a professor lecture during an entire class), prepares students to do independent analysis and to develop critical thinking skills.


Can I specialize in my studies?

Students in the LLM in U.S. Law program may select their courses from among any that are being offered in the course catalog during the semesters in which they are enrolled. They may choose to obtain a broad understanding of U.S. law by enrolling in a variety of courses, or, with the assistance of Chase professors and deans, concentrate their studies in a particular area of law. The only required classes for LLM students are introductory classes in American law-school instruction and to the U.S. legal system.


What kind of support is available for students in the LLM in U.S. Law program?

Students arriving at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport will be greeted by a Chase representative and assisted in arrival procedures. The college has identified housing options students may select, at their expense. Students may also choose to have Chase staff members help them locate other housing options. Students may choose to participate in available on-campus meal plans. Along with opportunities to join Chase classmates in off-campus activities, Northern Kentucky University sponsors programs that provide ways to meet other students. The university has an on-campus fitness center with an indoor track, weight room, fitness equipment, climbing wall, swimming pool, basketball courts, and racquetball courts, so that students can maintain healthful routines.


Can I practice law in the U.S. with an LLM from a U.S. law school?

Each state in the United States sets its own criteria by which lawyers are admitted to the practice of law. In some states, an LLM from an ABA-approved U.S. law school, such as Chase, and a foreign law degree are sufficient to take a bar examination for potential admission to practice law. Some states have requirements in addition to earning an LLM at a U.S. law school to be able to take a bar examination. Others states do not recognize a foreign law degree, and will not allow internationally trained lawyers to take a bar examination even if they hold an LLM from a U.S. law school. Students interested in practicing in the U.S. should research each state’s rules. The Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements, published by the National Conference of Bar Examiners, can provide initial guidance. It is online at


Whom should I contact if I have questions about the program?

Applicants who have questions about completing the application form for admission to the program should call the Northern Kentucky University Office of Graduate Education at 1-859-572-6364 (after your country’s exit code) or email Applicants who have questions about the structure of the program or courses offered in it may contact Associate Dean for Academics Lawrence Rosenthal at


Where are Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law and Cincinnati, Ohio, located?

Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law is located in Highland Heights, Kentucky – ranked as one of the safest college towns in the United States. Highland Heights is part of the Cincinnati, Ohio, metropolitan area of 2.1 million people, and is about seven miles (eleven kilometers) from downtown Cincinnati. Cincinnati is in the southwest of Ohio, with the Ohio River flowing between it and its Northern Kentucky suburbs.


What can I do in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati when I am not in class?

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