Transfer & Visiting Application


Spring Transfer Deadline: December 1
Summer Transfer Deadline: April 1
Fall Transfer Deadline: July 1

If you are currently attending another law school, you may be eligible to transfer to NKU Chase. You must have completed two semesters of coursework to be eligible.

  • +NKU Chase College of Law Application

    Form & Fee:  You must submit the application and pay the $40 application fee electronically through the Law School Admission Council.

    Transfer Statement: A transfer statement is required. The transfer statement must address why you wish to transfer to NKU Chase. The committee will also use the transfer statement to evaluate your writing abilities. While there is no page limit, the typical transfer statement is about one to two pages (typed and double-spaced).

    Résumé/CV: A resume must be included in your application materials. The resume is a great way to detail and highlight your educational achievements; your employment background; your participation in social and civic organizations; your commitment to community or volunteer service; and any awards, honors, or recognitions you have received.

    Other Documents: You may submit additional attachments that explain information that you wish the committee to consider in making its decision. These attachments could include explanation about academic history, standardized testing history, or time away from college and employment.

  • +Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Report
    You must make arrangements with the LSAC to ensure an official CAS report will be available upon our request.
  • +Letter of Good Standing
    You must send a letter of good standing from the dean of your law school stating that you are eligible to continue the study of law at that school.
  • +Official Transcript
    You must send an official transcript from the law school in which you are currently enrolled to both the College of Law and the CAS.

Transfer Policy

NKU Chase accepts applications from students who wish to transfer to the College of Law from another law school. Most students considering transfer have completed the entire first year curriculum at their current law school. When deciding whether to accept transfer students, NKU Chase considers the following factors:

  • Law school grade point average
  • Law school from which the applicant wishes to transfer
  • LSAT score
  • Undergraduate grade point average
  • Undergraduate institution(s) attended
  • Graduate school experience, if any (other than law school)
  • Work experience
  • Student's essay / personal statement

NKU Chase will typically accept no more than thirty credit-hours of transfer credits from another ABA-approved law school. Students transferring from a non-ABA approved law school may not receive credit for more than thirty credits.

To receive credit for the courses taken at another law school, the student must have earned a grade of at least a "C". Transfer students will not receive credit for any course in which they received a grade of "C-minus" or lower. If the other law school uses a number grading system, a student must earn at least a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale (or this equivalent) to receive transfer credit for that course. A student's grades from the other law school will not be factored into the calculation of his or her NKU Chase grade point average. The student's NKU Chase transcript will simply note that the student received 'credit' from the other institution.

NKU Chase does not have any articulation agreements with any other educational institutions.

Transfer student scholarships are available. For more information, contact Ashley Gray at or 859.572.5841.


If you are currently attending another law school and wish to attend classes at NKU Chase for a semester, you must complete the following:

  1. NKU Chase College of Law Application
    • Form & Fee:  You must mail the application and $40 application fee to the NKU Chase Registrar.  
    • Visiting Statement: A visiting statement is required. The visiting statement must address why you wish to take classes at NKU Chase.
  2. Letter of Good Standing and Permission: You must send a letter of good standing from the dean of your law school stating that you are eligible to continue the study of law at that school and that you have permission to attend NKU Chase as a visiting student.