NKU Chase Scholars are leaders who have achieved academic success and who are poised to make a positive contribution to our law school community and the legal profession. The NKU Chase Scholars Program recognizes the achievements of outstanding students and provides them financial assistance that will allow them to explore a variety of professional opportunities after graduation.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Simply apply for admission! There is no separate application for scholarship consideration. If you wish to be considered for our diversity opportunities, be sure to send a diversity statement with your application.

Merit Scholarship Opportunities

Salmon P. Chase Merit Scholar

Criteria considered: LSAT and prior academic performance

Award: Full-tuition scholarship plus a research assistantship in the 2nd or 3rd year of study.


Henry Clay Merit Scholar

Criteria considered: LSAT and prior academic performance

Award: Awards ranging from $5000 to $20,000 per year

Legal Education Accessibility Program

NKU Chase College of Law is committed to making a legal education accessible and affordable to applicants who enroll at NKU Chase for fall 2015.



Student holding a free tee shirt

Diversity Scholarship Opportunity

Diversity is defined as the ability to enhance the multicultural and socioeconomic diversity at the College of Law through such characteristics as ethnicity, race, gender, age, abilities/limitations, and/or multicultural and socioeconomic background.

  • John Marshall Harlan Diversity Scholarship
    Receive an award ranging from $3000 to full-tuition per year in scholarship. Applicants considered for this program must demonstrate diversity and a strong record of achievement. You must submit a Diversity Statement with your NKU Chase application.

NKU Chase College of Law Scholarship Retention Data

For more information regarding scholarships, read the NKU Chase Scholarship Policy.

Students matriculating in: # entering with conditional scholarship: # whose conditional scholarships
have been reduced or eliminated:
2015 60 7
2014 37 
2013 74 12
*The College of Law's scholarship policy in 2009 only required that students entering with a scholarship maintain good academic standing. Thus, according to the ABA there were no scholarship awards with conditions.