Using Symplicity to Find Clinical Opportunities

Simplicity is a nationally-used web-based job bank and recruitment system that is a useful tool for job, internship, and experiential education searches. The following steps will help you navigate the system:

Log In

To log on type the following link into your web browser: Alternately, you can log on from Chase Career Development home page by clicking on Student Job Postings. From there you will be asked for your user name and password.

  • If you have not yet logged on for the first time and created a Profile, you will need to do so. Career Development can help you with this step including uploading a resume and cover letters.

View Field Placement and Student Clinician Postings

You can view clinical postings once you create your profile. To view clinical postings click on the Job and Resume Collection tab. Make sure that the Jobs and Resume Collection tab in the lower menu is highlighted. Scroll down and all the most recent job, internship, and clinical postings will be there for you to view. You can narrow the list to exclusively clinical opportunities by going to the Position Type box and selecting Clinic, then clicking the Search button.

All currently posted clinical opportunities will appear with the job title Field Placement/Externship or Student Clinician. Look to the right to see the name of the employer. Under the Field Placement/Externship or Student Clinician heading is the beginning of the placement description. Click on More to see full information for the placement.

Apply for a Position

To apply for a clinical position, click on Apply on the right-hand side. You will need to have already uploaded your resume and an appropriate cover letter. Your application will then automatically be emailed to the attorney/professor who is the contact for the position. It will be up to them to decide if they will contact you for an interview.


  • For field placements - if you are offered a field placement position, please IMMEDIATELY notify Prof. Kinsley so she can confirm and notify the registrar.

Additional Helpful Info


To print a list of field placement/externship and student clinician opportunities, from the Jobs and Resume Collection main page, check the box next to each opportunity that interests you. Then click on View Printable Job List button at top of list. A separate tab should open in your browser from which you can print. To print details of an individual opportunity, click on the opportunity to open its main page, then click on the Print button at the bottom of the listing.


To add a posting to your list of favorites, click on the "star/plus" shaped button next to the Field Placement/Externship or Student Clinician title at the top of an individual posting. To view your saved favorites, click on the Favorites tab at the top of the page.

Search Agent

The Advanced Search tab provides additional search criteria and also allows you to create a Search Agent. To create a Search Agent, enter your search criteria, check the box under Search Agents, and give your Search Agent a name (like "Clinical Opportunities"). You can use the Search Agent to have updated job searches emailed to you at desired intervals. To enable this feature click on the Search Agents tab, select the appropriate Search Agent you created (if you created more than one) under the Label column, then click yes on the next page. Then select how often you want your Search Agent to send you updates. You do this by setting the Period and Multiple settings. For example, to run a search every two weeks, select 'Week' under Period and '2' under Multiple. To run a search once every two months select 'Month' under Period and '2' under Multiple. Any enabled Search Agents will run automatically and Symplicity will email the results to you.

Uploading Documents

The documents tab allows you to upload all of your application materials you could potentially want. Once you click on the Documents tab select Add New and then choose which type of document you want to upload. Choices include: resume, cover letters, unofficial transcript, writing samples, and other documents. Click on the Browse tab to upload and then create a name for the document in the Label field. Be sure to choose a label you can easily identify such as "Field Placement Resume." Once you choose a label, you can then hit the Submit tab. The system will create a pdf version of your documents and display them in a list on the main page of the tab. These pdf versions can be sent to employers. If you make another version of a document you can upload the new version and then delete the old one.

You can upload multiple versions of your resume but only one can be your "default" resume. You can change your default resume at any time by clicking on the Make Default button in the Options column of the document list.

To upload your transcript you can scan the transcript and upload the document as described above. You may also copy and paste your transcript into a word document and proceed as above.