Kentucky Innocence Project

Program Description

This clinical program is a partnership between NKU Chase College of Law and the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy. Students will actively participate in the criminal justice system and perform the functions of an Assistant Public Advocate by investigating cases of inmates claiming to be innocent of the crime(s) of which they have been convicted. Students will perform many of the duties related to post-conviction client representation by carefully investigating claims and legal arguments. Students will engage in extensive fact investigation, interviewing clients and witnesses, visiting and examining crime scenes, and retrieving, preserving and analyzing evidence. In addition, students will prepare legal documents related to innocence claims. Students will further develop competency in investigative and advocacy skills as well as the substantive knowledge required to serve as effective and ethical attorneys through a combination of experiential learning and classroom instruction.

Application is due April 15, 2016

Program Requirements

  • 100 hours each semester;
  • Bi-weekly classroom component and case review sessions;
  • Full year commitment;
  • Detailed monthly report and timesheets;

Eligibility Requirements

  • Approval of Kentucky Innocence Project Supervisors

Application Requirements

  • Submit your résumé along with a completed application to Professors Mannheimer and Stavsky by the deadline
  • Complete an interview with a member of the Department of Public Advocacy