Information for Students on the Field Placement Program

What you need to know to sign up for an externship:

Students locate their own placements, subject to professor approval. You can browse the extensive listings in Simplicity by searching in the job postings section for “field placement,” or you can create your own externship in conjunction with Prof. Kinsley.

Once you have located a placement, complete the Information Form and submit it to Prof.  Kinsley by email or in the drop box located outside NH 507.

Your supervisor will be required to sign a contract permitting your externship. Prof. Kinsley will provide these documents to your supervisor once you return the Information Form.

Prof. Kinsley enrolls you in the field placement classes with the Registrar. You may not enroll yourself directly.

If you need assistance with seeking a limited student practice license, see Kathy Molique.


How to Enroll in the Field Placement Program:

There are 3 different field placement options. 1 credit = 50 hours of field work for all options. The clinics are pass/fail.

1. Field Placement Clinic (1-3 credits): For students participating in a first externship.

2. Advanced Field Placement Clinic (1-3 credits): For students participating in a second or subsequent externship.

3. Semester in Practice (4-12 credits): For students participating in a high-credit externship, which may be the first, second, or subsequent externship.

All students enrolled in the Field Placement Clinic, Advanced Field Placement Clinic, and Semester in Practice must also enroll in a 1-credit, graded Field Placement Seminar.

All Semester in Practice externships require a site visit by Prof. Kinsley before you begin working at your placement. Please allow at least 30 days (or longer for remote externships) for Prof. Kinsley to schedule and complete the site visit.