Chase Will Enhance Its Evening Division by Adopting a New Schedule and Adding Technology

Nunn Hall at night

The lights will come on earlier in the year when Salmon P. Chase College of Law makes some of the most significant changes to its part-time evening program since it was founded more than a century ago as The Night Law School.

Chase, with both full-time and part-time programs at Northern Kentucky University, will advance the start of the part-time academic year to May from September, change on-campus class schedules, and offer more online courses. The changes begin in spring.

Part-time evening students will attend classes two days a week, instead of the current three days, and ten Saturdays a year. Students will meet established graduation requirements by beginning their first year of law school in May, instead of September, and by utilizing more online instruction.

“Our faculty conducted an extensive analysis of the best ways to provide evening students with a high-quality legal education, while also considering demands on students’ personal and professional lives,” Dean Jeffrey A. Standen said. “Chase has been a leader in part-time legal education since it was founded as a night law school one-hundred-twenty-three years ago. To maintain that leadership, our faculty identified new ways to meet the needs of working students in a growing metro region.”

The schedule change will allow students to concentrate on fewer classes each semester and devote time they would otherwise spend in classes and commuting to individual study. It will also increase instruction in legal writing and legal studies, two areas that are fundamental to success in law school.

The change utilizes technology that makes it possible for professors to teach without being in a classroom, Associate Dean Michael Whiteman said. “Technology has advanced to the point professors can integrate it into their classes and create hybrid in-class/online environments that allow learning to continue beyond the physical classroom,” said Dean Whiteman, who oversees the college’s adoption of new technology. Online courses will expand elective options.

The change also will make it easier for students outside the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky metropolitan area to attend Chase.

“We began the assessment of the evening program in the interests of all students, and then recognized that one benefit in fewer days of classes on campus is that students from outside the metro area can more easily obtain a law degree through part-time study,” Dean Standen said.

For more information on how to apply to Chase, go online to Chase was founded in 1893 in Cincinnati and was an independent part-time program until its merger with NKU in 1971. It added a full-time day program to its part-time evening program on the Highland Heights, Kentucky, campus in 1975.