Chase Professors Involved in Amicus Briefs that Influence Court’s Decision

Professor Jennifer Kinsley
Two Salmon P. Chase College of Law professors were part of amicus curiae briefs involved in a decision Aug. 25 by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, with one of them – Jennifer Kinsley – writing one of the briefs.

The briefs, Professor Kinsley says, are examples of how Chase professors have an impact on important legal developments. She wrote a brief for the First Amendment Lawyers Association and the Center for Democracy and Technology in a case that involved a Michigan statute that imposed various post-conviction restrictions on sex offenders.

The Sixth Circuit found the law to have the effect of an unconstitutional ex post facto punishment. It concurred in that analysis in amicus briefs from the National Association for Public Defense, for which Professor Kinsley is now co-chair of the amicus committee, and from professors at various law schools that Professor Michael Mannheimer signed. Because it decided the case on ex post facto grounds, it did not reach the First Amendment issue of the brief Professor Kinsley wrote.