2015 Symposium


Call for Papers

2015 Law + Informatics Symposium on

Digital Evidence

The Northern Kentucky Law Review and NKU Chase College of Law seek submissions for the fourth annual Law + Informatics Symposium on February 26-27, 2015. The conference will provide an interdisciplinary exploration of digital information in the courtroom, including the importance of insuring that such information is reliable, resilient, and uncompromised.

The symposium is an opportunity for academics, practitioners, consultants, and students to exchange ideas and explore emerging issues regarding digital forensics and the rules of evidence and discovery in criminal and civil cases.

Interdisciplinary presentations are encouraged. Authors and presenters are invited to submit proposals on topics relating to the theme of the conference, such as:

Digital Forensics

  • The evolving standard of law and technology        
  • The art and science of digital forensics
  • Retention and spoilation
  • Daubert analysis and admissibility
  • Expectations of the experts
  • Evolving foundational requirements

Constitutional Issues

  • Emerging norms of digital privacy
  • Warrantless searches and the specificity of warrants
  • Free speech, open records, and related rights to information access
  • Fourth Amendment issues
  • Self incrimination under the Fifth Amendment
  • The Wiretap Act
  • The Electronic Communications Privacy Act

Digital Evidence in the Courtroom

  • Jurisdictional issues and access across boundaries
  • Authentication & the Best Evidence Rule
  • The use of the Business Records Exception to Hearsay
  • Exhibits, charts and manufactured evidence

International and Comparative

  • Admissibility standards outside the U.S.
  • Implication of EU Directives on multi-jurisditional litigation
  • Role of digital evidence in non-courtroom tribunals


  • How to educate the bench on e-Discovery
  • How to develop strategies for the production and discovery of digital evidence
  • Distinctions between techniques for digital evidence from general discovery requests

Emerging Issues

  • Transformation of data control when data held in cloud storage
  • Interplay between civil, criminal, and military authority
  • Predictive coding and predictive analytics
  • Mobile and BYOD implications of blended provenance
  • Federal investigation of data stored by third party service providers without notice to the client
  • Problems lurking beyond the horizon

Submissions & Important Dates: 

-          Please submit materials through http://bit.ly/1m7S6OE

-          Submission deadline for abstracts: September 1, 2014 

-          Submission deadline for first draft of manuscripts: January 1, 2015

-          Submission deadline for completed articles: February 1, 2015

-          Symposium dates: February 26-27, 2015

Law Review Published Article:  The Northern Kentucky Law Review will review, edit, and publish papers from the symposium in the 2015 spring symposium issue.  Papers are invited from scholars and practitioners across all disciplines related to the program. Please submit a title and abstract (of 500-1000 words) or draft paper for works in progress. Abstracts or drafts should be submitted by September 1, 2014. Submissions may be accepted on a rolling basis after that time until all speaking positions are filled.

Presentations (without publication) based on Abstracts:  For speakers interested in presenting without submitting a publishable article, please submit an abstract of the proposed presentation. Abstracts should be submitted by September 1, 2014. Submissions may be accepted on a rolling basis after that time until all speaking positions are filled.   

About the Law and Informatics Institute:  The Law + Informatics Institute at Chase College of Law provides a critical interdisciplinary approach to the study, research, scholarship, and practical application of informatics, focusing on the regulation and utilization of information – including its creation, acquisition, aggregation, security, manipulation and exploitation – in the fields of intellectual property law, privacy law, evidence (regulating government and the police), business law, and international law.

Through courses, symposia, publications and workshops, the Law + Informatics Institute encourages thoughtful public discourse on the regulation and use of information systems, business innovation, and the development of best business practices regarding the exploitation and effectiveness of the information and data systems in business, health care, media and entertainment, and the public sector.

For More Information Contact:

-          Northern Kentucky Law Review, symposium steering committee: nkylrsymposium@nku.edu

-          Lindsey Jaeger, executive director: 859.572.7853 / jaegerL1@nku.edu

-          Rick Pandorf, symposium editor: 513.886.4878 / pandorfR1@nku.edu

Faculty Advisors:

-          Henry L. Stephens, professor of law and former dean: 859.572.5389

-          Jack Harrison, assistant professor of law: 859.572.5447