Patent Cooperation Treaty Seminar Faculty

NKU Chase Law + Informatics Institute

in cooperation with World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) presents a

Comprehensive Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Seminar

Featured speakers:

Carol Bidwell and David Reed, US Consultants to WIPO on PCT Matters

Ms. Carol Bidwell became a consultant on PCT matters for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in January 2006. Prior to accepting this position, she had been employed at the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office as a patent examiner in the Biotechnology Group, a special programs examiner in the PCT Special Programs Office and finally as the supervisor of the Office of PCT Legal Administration from March 1997 until she left the federal service in December 2005. Over the last fourteen years, Ms. Bidwell lectured extensively on PCT practice and procedure to audiences throughout the U.S. as well as teaching PCT seminars in Canada and Mexico.

During her career at the USPTO, Ms. Bidwell was awarded a U.S. Department of Commerce Silver Medal for development of U.S. regulations and international standards for the submission of sequence listings in patent applications and a Department of Commerce Bronze Medal for developing and implementing the PCT International Search and Preliminary Examination Guidelines.

carol bidwell

Carol Bidwell
US Consultant to WIPO on PCT Matters, Tucson, AZ

T. David Reed, a retiree from Intellectual Property Division of The Procter & Gamble Company, is a consultant on international patent procurement and practice doing business under the name of TDR Patents.  He is also a consultant for WIPO in the United States on matters relating to the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

For almost half of Mr. Reed's 40 years of service with The Procter & Gamble Company, he managed the international patent filing and prosecution area.  David joined P&G in 1966 as a Product Development Engineer upon graduation from Northwestern University.  Following a variety of assignments in Product Development, he was admitted to practice before the United States Patent & Trademark Office as a Patent Agent in 1988 and assumed his position in the Intellectual Property Division.

In 1990, Mr. Reed led the investigation of, and the decision to begin, a practice under the PCT.  David managed the transition from a direct national patent filing practice, and helped build Procter & Gamble’s PCT practice into one of the largest in the world.  Additionally he has had the pleasure of teaching and speaking around the globe for WIPO and others regarding the PCT and P&G's practice under the PCT as well as other issues relating to international patent practice.

t. david reed

David Reed
US Consultant to WIPO on PCT Matters, Cincinnati, OH

PubEAST/PubWEST: Learn to Quick Power Search the United States Patent &Trademark Office Examiners' Databases

1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
June 6, 2014
NKU, W. Frank Steely Library

Linda Kocis is the Intellectual Property Librarian at the Main Library of the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County.

Linda holds a master’s degree in Library Science from the University of Kentucky. She received bachelor’s degrees in English and in Education from The Ohio State University. Linda teaches patent and trademark searching classes.  She also presents programs designed to educate people of all ages about the value of Intellectual Property. She has attended the Patent & Trademark Resource Center Annual Seminar at the USPTO in Alexandria, Virginia since 2009.

John Schlipp is an Intellectual Property Librarian and Associate Professor of Library Services at W. Frank Steely Library at Northern Kentucky University.

John holds a master’s degree in Library Science from the University of Kentucky. He is the manager of the IPAC: Intellectual Property Awareness Center ( at Steely Library. His scholarly contributions include: an intellectual property awareness curriculum for schools entitled Creative Thinking (; and a chapter covering copyright and Fair Use in the textbook Distributed Learning Librarianship (ABC-CLIO: Libraries Unlimited, 2011). He teaches LIN 405 Intellectual Property & Information Rights for the NKU Bachelor’s Degree in Library Informatics. John has been trained on patent and trademark searching instruction by attending the Patent & Trademark Resource Center Annual Seminars at the USPTO intermittently since 2004.