Juris Doctor/Master of Business Informatics

Using technology to promote innovation and improve people’s lives.

The Juris Doctor / Master of Business Informatics (JD/MBI) (brochure pdf) is a distinctive program which combines legal education and business informatics to give a powerful advantage in the competitive environment of law and business information systems to address issues on information security, enterprise resource planning, and other fields involving information and the law. The JD/MBI provides you the knowledge, training, and skills to be prepared for a cutting-edge practice of privacy law, intellectual property, or business law, whether in law firms, business, or government settings.

NKU offers this distinctive degree through the partnership of the College of Informatics and the Chase College of Law. You can complete the degree is as little as four years while gaining live field experience through the Chase Field Placement program. A description of the requirements for the JD/MBI program is available in the Academic Handbook (pdf) and the Sample Curriculum Map (pdf).

Who can benefit from this program:

  • Entrepreneurs and business professionals hoping to expand their professional expertise and organizational leadership opportunities.
  • Information technology professionals who want to move into business and corporate leadership.
  • Patent agents transitioning to patent attorneys protecting companies’ assets around the globe.
  • Legislators, lobbyists, and legal policy makers shaping the future of business and public policy.
  • Law school applicants looking to make a difference with their professional careers in one of the fastest growing and most important sectors of the economy.
  • Individuals seeking to become uniquely qualified for their current positions or to make a difference wherever they work.

A high level of information technology or business experience is not required for acceptance into the program. However, the program is still demanding and students with limited business or technology backgrounds may be required to enroll in additional prerequisite courses to secure the basic level of knowledge to succeed in the program.

The Master of Business Informatics, through NKU's College of Informatics, will help students develop skills to manage vital information resources found throughout the business world today. With a Master of Science in Business Informatics (MBI) degree, you will find yourself in high demand as a business process analyst, project manager, systems analyst, systems designer, or possibly a database specialist.

The MBI program is accredited by the AACSB, placing it in the top 15 percent of programs worldwide. The MBI offers practical, hands-on experience and theoretical discussions of current and future trends in developing applications and managing corporate information systems. When combined with the Chase JD, graduates are prepared to cross traditional boundaries and solve problems created as new technologies, demands, and professions emerge.


  • The program is available for both full-time and part-time students; many classes are offered in the evening and are taught with hands-on, practical classroom experience to help build your competencies with current and emerging technologies.  Current and prospective students interested in graduating from the full-time program in three years are invited to explore the sample curriculum map by clicking here for a pdf file.

  • Certain JD courses serve as electives for the MBI degree, while certain MBI courses will fulfill electives for the law degree.

  • The number of hours to obtain both degrees through the combined program is 108. To obtain each degree independently would be 120.

  • Upon completion of all requirements of the combined program, the student is awarded both a JD and an MBI degree.


Prospective students need to apply to both degree programs separately, but are able to use their LSAT score in lieu of the GMAT or GRE score. Application information and instructions for each program can be found here: