Student Successes

Chase students enjoy making the most of their law school experience inside and outside of the classroom and library. This page periodically features a few such successes. 

Jared Grandy '15

Just about the time Jared Grandy '15 finished celebrating his recent graduation from NKU Chase College of Law, a federal court issued an opinion worth an additional celebration: Jared’s first win at the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Jared spent the summer between his second and third years enrolled in the Constitutional Litigation Clinic, where he represented prisoners and former offenders in Ohio state and federal courts. As he learned to write appellate arguments, Jared had to revise his brief ten times. With each new draft, the language became more clear, concise, and persuasive. But this wasn’t just a valuable exercise in drafting.  Jared changed the outcome for his client--something he plans to do every day in a civil litigation practice. Although delighted at the outcome of the case, Jared was more impressed with everything he had learned in the clinic. “In the Constitutional Law Clinic,” shared Jared, “I proved I was competent to practice law. We got a taste of everything--from writing questions for interrogatories and requests for discovery, to taking depositions, writing briefs, and negotiating settlements.”

Stephanie Brooks '17 Law Clerk with Dinsmore & Shohl a nationally ranked law firm

As a mother of three girls with an extensive background in non-profits, Stephanie Scott Brooks '17 came to NKU Chase as a non-traditional student with a singular focus on public interest law. "Chase helped open doors for me that broadened my legal lenses. My 1L year exposed me to many areas of the profession and after spending my first summer clerking at Dinsmore & Shohl, I realized the non-profit field is not the only arena where I can make a community impact. As a premier and nationally ranked firm, Dinsmore plays a major strategic role in our community in both the public and private sectors. As a summer associate, I learned the best opportunity for impact is about preparing yourself to be the best the lawyer you can be and positioning yourself to maximize your capacity to serve your community in whatever area you practice. At a large firm, those preparation and positional impact opportunities are limitless!"

Hannah Rodgers

Hannah E. Rodgers '15 was presented with the second annual Salmon P. Chase Award at commencement on May 9, 2015. The inspiration for the award is Chase's extensive work advocating for the rights of African Americans and his condemnation of the legality of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793. In recognition of his passion, dedication, and advocacy, Chase was presented with a silver pitcher (recently added to the Cincinnati Museum Center's extensive Chase collection). Read more

Jabari Shaw

Jabari Shaw '16 received award recognition at the Cincinnati Bar Association - Young Lawyers Section Annual Meeting on Thursday, April 23, 2015. “Jabari was chosen as one of two individuals recognized because of his participation in many of the Cincinnati Bar Association – Young Lawyers Section Community Service initiatives – most recently our Mathew 25: Ministries event this past Saturday,” states the director of the CBA Young Lawyers Section Community Service Initiative. “In addition to being hands-on at events like the Bring It on Game Night with Espy Boys & Girls Club, Wills for First Responders and the YLS Community Service Challenge Kick-Off, Jabari has served as a community service liaison and has recruited other law students to join us in making a positive impact within the community. It brings us great pleasure to acknowledge Jabari for his exemplary community service efforts.”  In addition, Jabari was recognized at the Black Lawyers Association of Cincinnati Annual Scholarship and Awards Banquet on Saturday, April 25, 2015 for his dedication to community service and was awarded the Shanda L. Spurlock Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by Dinsmore & Shol, LLP.

Angela White

Angela White '16 is the Associate Editor for the Northern Kentucky Law Review, a competing member of the National Trial Team, and a member of the International Law Society. This summer, she will study comparative health law with the St. Louis University School of Law in Madrid, Spain. Angela’s volunteer experiences demonstrate her commitment to justice and inclusiveness. She  volunteered as a group leader for her church’s addiction recovery service, researched and wrote grants for Commonwealth Counseling Services, Inc., served as Student Coordinator for Summer Work Experience in Law (SWEL), and assisted at the Legal Aid Society of Louisville.  Angela was recognized at the Black Lawyers Association of Cincinnati Annual Scholarship and Awards Banquet on Saturday, April 25, 2015 and was awarded the Jack Sherman, Jr. Scholarship for her public service, commitment to inclusiveness, and belief in justice.


Faraz Rizvi

S. Faraz Rizvi '16 was elected regional treasurer for the Midwest Black Law Student Association (MWBLSA) at the organization’s annual convention held in Indianapolis from February 18 to 22, 2015. Faraz will serve as treasurer for the 2015-2016 academic years and he will serve on a board that governs fifty-two (52) BLSA chapters across the Midwest Region. Faraz has a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a dual concentration in accounting and finance. He has also contributed to the success of his family’s automotive service company, serving as its assistant manager. As a law student, Faraz has worked as a law clerk for the immigration law firm, Musillo and Unkenholt. He has also served as a summer intern with the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy and is currently a research assistant for Professor Anthony Chavez.  

Joseph Nevels '14

Joseph Nevels ’14, whose stage name is JSPH, signed an administrative deal in November 2014 with Heyday Media Group, a music publishing and administration company based in Los Angeles, California. Some of Heyday Media Group’s recent media placements include Sons of Anarchy, CSI New York, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and American Pie: The Book of Love. While at NKU Chase College of Law, he focused on entertainment and contract law. “Studying law,” JSPH said, “has given me a pretty good foundation for understanding the business side of what I do as a musician. Having a good understanding of contracts, copyrights, and other issues have helped me navigate within the industry with a sense of direction.” Read more.

Courtney Risk Straw '14

As a result of her work as a Kentucky State Police Intern, Courtney Risk Straw '14 was awarded the 2014 Kentucky Women’s Law Enforcement Network (KWLEN) Student Achievement Award at the annual KWLEN conference on November 13, 2014 in Louisville. The award is given to a student who has shown a great commitment to law enforcement or public safety. Recognition is given to a student for high academic achievement, student research, or service to a law enforcement or public safety student organization. Read more.

Josh Hodges and Kara Lyons

Josh Hodges ‘15 served a term as the director of the mid-Atlantic region at the National Latino/a Law Association this past year and thought he was through with the national office. At the urging of others on the executive board, he reluctantly agreed to campaign for the position of treasurer which he ended up landing. New to the executive board, Kara Lyons ‘15, was elected as the new director of the mid-Atlantic region. Lyons will act as a liaison between NLLSA and all law schools within her ten state region. True to the legacy of loyalty and an uncommon work ethic shared by the majority of Chase alumni, Hodges and Lyons plan to return to the annual conference next September to campaign for Chase students to be elected to the 2015-16 NLLSA national board. Hodges and Lyons already have law firm positions secured. Read more.

Megan McKay

By the time Megan McKay '15 stepped foot inside NKU Chase College of Law in August 2012, she already had her eye on the prize – to become a trial attorney. Yet since completing a battery of rigorous substantive legal courses, skills courses including trial team, and field placements with the Fayette County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and the Kentucky Supreme Court, becoming a trial attorney is no longer enough for Megan. Now, she wants to become an advocate. Today, as this Georgetown College graduate prepares to enter her third and final year of law school, she celebrates her first win at the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and is well on her way to becoming a trusted advocate for her clients. Read about Megan's advocacy before the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.