Diversity at Chase

Salmon Portland Chase:
Leaving Behind a Legacy

The former chief justice of the United States, Secretary of the Treasury, United States senator, and governor of Ohio often plays a cameo role in many documentaries and history books detailing the periods before and after the Reconstruction Era. But make no mistake, his part in the development of our nation was significant, and his legacy is immeasurable.

Whether defending the rights of runaway slaves and those who aided them or forming political parties to protect the rights of all people within our country’s borders, this champion of human rights and fierce defender of the 14th Amendment was an early advocate for women’s rights, education, diversity, and inclusion. Chase developed many of the legal and social justice principles that would later be championed by President Lincoln en route to emancipation.

NKU Chase Law Celebrates Diversity

Northern Kentucky University Salmon P. Chase College of Law continues the Chase legacy. America’s laws are an often-complicated set of rules that govern how we live. To fully appreciate, understand and apply them requires the broad perspectives of all facets of our society. Through the diverse backgrounds, experiences, lifestyles and cultures of our faculty and students, NKU Chase Law creates well-rounded citizen-lawyers who are ready to make a lasting impact on their communities and their profession.

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Salmon Portland Chase: Legendary Advocate for Human Rights, Diversity and Inclusion.